Asia’s first Robotic Vascular Surgery Held at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

Keeping its tradition of providing the best in patient care, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital (SGRH), a premier super speciality modern health care facility, proudly announces the setting up of state of the art –Institute of Robotic Surgery, equipped with da-Vinci Si Surgical system with simulator facility, first of its kind in the country. This surgical system uses a sophisticated machine designed to enable the surgeon perform the most precise and least invasive procedure possible.

Robotic Surgery Equpments
da-Vinci Si Surgical system with simulator facility 
Institute of Robotic Surgery (IRS)

Institute of Robotic Surgery has been conceptualised in SGRH as a centre of excellence in Robotic Surgery. Its da-Vinci Si Surgical System is unique as it is the only one in our country that has a SIMULATOR to teach and train surgeons before performing actual surgery.

This Robotic system was installed in SGRH on March 15, 2012 and first successful robotic surgery was done on March 16, 2012 in the form of a Robotic Thymectomy for Myasthenia Gravis. Following this, various departments including Thoracic Surgery, MAS & Bariatric Surgery, Urology, Gynaecology and Vascular Surgery performed Robotic procedures in their respective fields. In the first month of its existence, close to 30 successful robotic surgeries were performed at IRS @ SGRH by various departments with excellent outcomes. It is a record for the largest number and the widest range of procedures done at any robotic institute in India in its first month.

Dr. D.S. Rana, Chairman, Board of Management, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Informed Dwarka Parichay that he congratulates the team IRS @ SGRH for achieving many milestones in its very first month of existence. I wish them good luck in their future endeavours for better patient care. He is sure, in the years to come, IRS @ SGRH will bring many laurels to the country.

IRS has the following three objectives:

1. To provide cutting edge Surgical Care :
We at IRS @ SGRH strive to provide our patients with the best possible surgical care leading to better clinical outcomes. This is made possible by a team of leading surgeons in their respective field working along with a team of highly competent and dedicated anaesthesiologists and physicians. The motto is to achieve excellence by collective wisdom.

2. Technology development 
Despite being a state of the art machine, the currently available robotic technology has tremendous scope for improvement, including cost containment. Conscious of its social responsibility, the Institute of Robotic Surgery @ SGRH has set for itself the task of making this state of the art treatment available to all sections of the society. We plan to soon enter into tie ups with various leading national & International agencies which are active in the field of Biomedical-engineering, robotics and allied technologies. We will strive hard to improve on the current technology, making it simpler and cheaper. IRS has a vision of making this treatment available to the masses with an “Indianised” – better & cheaper version of the currently available robotic technology.

Dr Arvind Kumar & Dr Bhatia explaining the benefits of robotic surgery 
3. Training & Research
IRS promotes training of surgeons and ancillary staff in Robotic Surgery which is a relatively new field. We want to spread knowledge and expertise to surgeons practising at various places so that the benefit of the Robotic Surgery can be availed by maximum number of patients. We have already organised country’s first CME on Robotic Vascular Surgery on April 8, 2012. We now plan to conduct CMEs and training programs on regular basis for Surgeons as well as paramedical staff.

The Institute has invested heavily (close to Rs. 1 crore) to get a Simulator along with the Robotic system. This is unique in itself as it provides for training to the surgeons in a virtual environment before performing the actual surgery. It helps them to assess their skills of Robotic surgery without harming the patient.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital takes pride in being one of the premier centres for medical education and research. We have plans to research various aspects in Robotic Surgery and compare our data with the best centres in the world. Through ongoing research projects in various applications of robotics in surgery, we will strive to get the best possible clinical outcomes and world class patient care.

Our Managing Editor-S.S.Dogra presenting the copy of Dwarka Parichay Newspaper to Dr. Vivek Bindal-Robotic Surgeon-Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.(Photo:Sunil Prasad)

Asia’s first Robotic Vascular Surgery

IRS is pleased to inform that we performed Asia’s first Robotic Aortic surgery in the very first month of our existence. Aorta is the main blood vessel carrying blood in human body. There are various diseases of aorta like blockade (atherosclerosis) or ballooning (aneurysm), which require surgical repair. Traditionally, it has been performed by Open Surgery, leaving big scars and taking long time to recovery in these sick patients.

IRS performed four successful Robotic aortic procedures for aortoiliac atherosclerotic blockade and Abdominal Aortic aneurysm. This was a rare surgery because joining of artificial graft to aorta is very difficult, needs highly specialised suturing skills and TIME is the key. This was possible at IRS @ SGRH because of technical expertise of surgeons combined with robotic technology.

These patients benefited a lot from this surgery and were happily discharged. Conventional surgery would have led to a large incision on the abdomen which was replaced by multiple small punctures due to robotic use. They experienced much less pain and required no blood transfusions. The clinical outcome was much better than conventional surgery due to better vision and instrumentation. Team IRS @ SGRH is committed to take the Institute of Robotic Surgery to the pinnacle of safe surgical care. We will do everything possible to make IRS @ SGRH the mecca of Robotic Surgery – in its clinical applications, teaching & training as well as development of newer, affordable technologies” Prof. Arvind Kumar-Director, IRS @ SGRH.

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