CEAI Webinar on ‘Digitalisation in Engineering’ on 18th December 2020

Consulting engineers Association of Indi (CEAI) , the apex body of consulting engineers in the country is organising a webinar on ‘Digitalisationof engineering on December 18, 2020 as part of its 60 years of service .

“Ïn today’s world digital revolution and digital engineering are making engineering tasks easier and influencing the requirements profiles for engineers. When we discuss digitalisation we’re talking about a series of tools that can offer benefits at every level of the industry. These can include sensor networks, field automation, artificial intelligence, robotics, block chain and virtual reality. “said Mr Amitabha Ghosal President, Consulting engineers Association of India .

“Until this point, major engineering companies have been less reliant on upcoming technologies as other sectors. Embracing digitalisation not only requires investment in the technologies themselves, but in training and new talent. A fully digitalised change will significantly shift the skillsets required in workers. “said Mr Ghosal .

“The initial shift into these areas can take up a significant portion of total maintenance budgets, which is one of the reasons digitalisation has taken so long to be implemented. But with tools such as predictive modelling already demonstrating huge value to companies that have implemented it, it’s not surprising to see companies, experts and engineers ready to embrace the change. 

Many industry experts are already seeing the impact that these developments are having on the operating models and market supply chains “said Mr K.K.Kapila, Chairman, Infra Committee of CEAI.

“At present Core IT skills are more important than having a particular specialisation. When establishing the must-have qualifications for working in a digitalised mechanical engineering sector, IT skills always come top of the list. The basic set of requirements is growing in scope and digital know-how is therefore becoming a basic prerequisite. Employees who can demonstrate appropriate training or hands-on experience have a clear-cut advantage. “Mr Kapila said .

The topics that will be discussed at the webinar will include ‘Engineering Digitalisation and Innovation Driving Industry,  by Amit Sharma, ,MD, Tata consultancy engineering Limited, ‘Role of Artificial Intelligence, Niche learning for successful industry ‘by Sudheesh Narayanan, CEO, Knowledge Lens company and GE Digital experience by Alok Nanda, CEO GE, India Technology Centre. 

The link for registration is: