Justice DELAYED is Justice …


1. Because the body constituted by the name of Registrar of Cooperative Societies Delhi by the law of land has lost all its relevancy & utility for the Delhites and has been certified by the Supreme Court and High Court of Delhi as ineffective, inefficient, contemptuous becoming unconstitutional, anti-people. This has been sum up by our High Court in the most recent judgment passed in Writ Potion No. 7096/2010 on 10.11.2010 titled Guru Ram Dass CGHS Ltd s/s RCS & another wherein on the basis of past judgments delivered by the High Court at regular intervals the Court has observed

“………….flats has been made which are now vacant for years together. This implies that such members may be staying in rented accommodation and simultaneously may be paying EMIs for the loans which they may have availed of. An important capital asset like a flat in the mean time remain unutilized……………

……………. we expressed our anguish at the manner in which the allotment of flats to members have been delayed which is resulting in people taking law into their own hands by illegally occupying the flats………

…………….Our observations seem to have fallen on deaf ears as the present case is an identical one where again draw of lots has not been held. Members may have taken loans for construction of these flats, may be paying rent by staying in rented accommodation and yet are not getting occupation of flats which also deteriorate when they remain unoccupied. This is a national waste to which the Registrar must awake…”

2. Because the above latest order has established prima-facie that RCS has became an inefficient and incompetent body and a centre of rampant corruption, red-tapisim, nepotism, mal-function.

3. Because the affected citizens have became sick and tired of fulfilling the illegal demands of unlimited gratifications raised by the RCS functionaries, their own people having vested interests and the political hand behind them time and again while replying upon false promises by keeping hope against hope in quest of their Ashiana.

4. Because keeping hope for getting the relief from the RCS is living in fool’s paradise because the RCS and its functionaries have hundreds and hundreds of ways and means to bypass, foil, spoil and dilute the Court orders, instructions, final verdicts according to their whims and fancies i.e. to suck the last drop of blood innocent.