Power of Media–Admission to Nursery in Private Schools – An eye opener

M. K. Gupta

Recently, Andhra Governor Shri N D Tiwari had to resign due to an sting operation by the Andhra Jyoti TV channel. Though, Mr Tiwari claimed that it fake but the truth will come to the fore shortly.

Due to ‘Justice for Ruchika campaign’ by media, more FIRs have been or are being registered against former DIG, SPS Rathore and the Central and Haryana Governments have to come forward for helping the her family for imparting justice to Ruchika. Central Govt. is considering even to change the law for the automatic conversion of complaint in to FIR. A task in which Police and CBI failed, media is fulfilling its duty by bringing the proof of abetment to suicide though Rathore’s defence lawyer wife has alleged ‘media trial’. In the past, it has done the same to Jessica Lal, Priya Darshini Mattu, Madhumita and others. This is power of media, which, at times, is more effective than the other three pillars of democracy.

This is the time for admission to the Nursery and some schools are demanding money in the name of donation in a clandestine way. They are not adhering to the directives of the Delhi Govt. including the directive on the last date of submission of admission form which is 15th January. On condition of anonymity, parents of a child told that one such school in Sector 7, Dwarka (name withheld) has asked for a donation of 25,000-rupees for which school will not give any receipt. This school has started informal interaction with parents and one such interaction was on Friday/Saturday, on first days of the New Year. If that school admits 200 children by taking twenty five thousand, the amount comes to 50 lakh. School also saves hefty money on the sale of uniform and books. Recently, some school sold some uncalled for booklets with admission forms up to Rs. 800/-. It is also generally alleged that many schools save money from the salary paid to the teachers by paying less and showing more in records. Last year, the Delhi government said that before giving permission to raise fee, schools account will be audited but such amount will not come under audit. In fact, if this amount is taken into account, not only fee raised can be avoided but can even be reduced. Against this, Dwarka Forum has pre-actively protested under its General Secretary Sushil Kumar and other officer bearers along with the residents of sec. 13 and 14.

In the absence of any receipt, no action on complaint can be taken by the government. Parents are also afraid that by complaining, they will lose the chance of admission. In such a situation, how the poor guardians will be able to afford this. In whose pocket, such amount will go as it will definitely be not reflected in the accounts. This, in fact, is not donation amount but bribe as no receipt will be issued. After the issue of receipt, it will be have to be utilized for the purpose of education.

To overcome such a complex situation, if some parents come forward to conduct sting operations for some schools which is now very easy now a days with the help of mobile phone, matter can be tacked effectively with the held of govt. courts and media. No doubt, the education of child is first and foremost but even after the admission is secured by paying the this amount under duress, disclosing such sting operations at a later stage will help the government to take action to curb such corrupt, unethical and illegal practice on the part of schools who are out to exploit the situation to the hilt and many news channels will be willing to telecast the same. An NGO named ‘Social Jurist’ by Advocate, Mr. Ashok Agarwal is also helping parents in this regard and his contacts and other details are available on his website .

All we need is to gather some courage from stopping the commercilisation of education. Even if one school is penalized for resorting to such practice, this will be a lesson for other schools. Gurudev Ravinder Nath Tagore said that one who commits atrocities is not guilty alone but who bears them silently is also guilty.