Development of park at Palam Extention, Sector-7, Dwarka

The park at Palam Extention, Sector-7, Dwarka is being developed by Social Development Welfare Society ( Regd.) under the guidance of The President of the Society Sh. Naresh Lamba. This park was like a dustbin. Society started the development of park on 21 st July 2010.  Just in a months time with the help of society’s members Capt. Kapil Kumar Singh ( Pilot IA), Sh. Manish Maan ( Vice President), Sh. Dharamvir Singh, Sh. Sarpanch Singh, Sh. Kuldeep Singh, Sh. Mahtam Yadav devoted 2 hours daily and make this possible.

In the rainy season, to avoid breeding of mosquitoes in park, various drugs have been sprinkled and regular cutting of grass is done in park. The neighbours and residents nearby the park appreciated the efforts of the society. As earlier there were filth and dirt which caused many disease to spread in the area.