कलाबिंब प्रदर्शनी का इंडिया हैबीटेट सैंटर में भव्य शुभारंभ

KALABIMB – 19  Group Art Exhibition

Kalabimb-19 Art exhibition was organized by Finetouch Art Motivators & Educators (FAME) & Curetted by Mr. Ravindra Kumar Tanwar and Ms. Balwinder  Tanwar, which showcased the Paintings, Sculptures and Digital works created by contemporary artists of India. “FAME” curates group exhibitions presenting the artists of the same generation or similar thematic concerns or styles that might be viewed in conjunction to assess contemporary trends in visual art. It has been a great pleasure that we carefully bring together to create a common platform for the artists across the country.

Kalabimb-19 has successfully presented some of the finest works of 12 well established artists to serve the audience a visual bonanza, celebrating the power of visual idioms. It was a timeline of developments in style, themes and schools of what has emerged today as Indian contemporary art, in their visual languages expressed through varied mediums.

The unique collection of art works were displayed for the viewers which in many ways provided insights into the contemporary art trends in today’s India, which has been definitely a significant representation. The striking feature of the works of the participating artists was the manner in which they straddle diverse cultures whilst still voicing the present context of Indian social, cultural and political life.

The artists participated are namelyMr. Amit Srivastava, Ms. Amita Gupta, Ms. Anita Goyal, Ms. Kanika Sharma, Mr. Manish Rao Jwade, Mohd. Danish, Mr. Pankaj Mohan Aggarwal, Mr. Ramesh Rana, Mr. Sarfaraz Ali, Mr. Sartaj Haider Naqvi, Mr. Satya Sai and Mr. Vipin Yadav.

The exhibition was held at Open Palm Gallery, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi-110003, inaugurated on January 10th, 2019 at in august presence of Distinguished Guests like Mrs. Livleen Bhagat, Philanthropist & Educationist, S. Dilip Hitkari, Art connoisseur & Director, Shanta Art Gallery, Mr. Ashok Arora, Motivational Speaker and Mr. Dayanand Vats, Eminent Educationist & Sr. Journalist. The exhibition was well received by artists and art lovers as well.