kalakaron ke Rang

Nisha Jain

Akaar Prakar in collaboration with Sculpture court, triveni kala sangam Gallery of Mondi House New Delhi , India, is very pleased to announce the opening of its upcoming exhibition Akaar Prakar; an exhibition showcasing kala ke Rang and sculptures from numerous contemporary Indian artists. These works emanate the dynamic cosmos of Akaar Prakar fundamentals such as Heaven and Earth, Life and Death, and Mother Nature. Participating Artists: Kumud Grouver,Kusum Jain,Prem Lata, Seema singh dua, Tanushree Ghandok

Opening Reception: 2nd Feb.2012
Time: 11:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Exhibition will run from 2 Feb -11Feb 2012

About the artists:
Prem Lata Has been studying and practicing sculpture at Sculpture Department of Trivene Kala Sangamfor the last 20 years.She has actively participated in shows At AIFACS and her sculpture Dhratal has been selected by National Gallery og Modren Art , New Delhi as permanent exhibit.Her works are included in many private collections USA. Germany,Canada England and many other countries.

Kumud Grouver’s Sculptures are the classic example creativity and dedication A Home maker turned into recognized sculptor.There is a raw creativity and spontaneity with technical finesse.Her fish and birds srries is lyrical in execution.The Human figures the shecreates are extremely expressive and graceful.Kumud eschews abstraction in totality and hence,her works are representational with an interesting abstract synthesis.

Kusum Jain sculptures have evolved into fresh new dimension with her mixed media abstractions.Both bronze and fiber bring a multitude of expressions to her creations.

Seema Singh Dua has actively participated in show and some of her works has been picked by collectors in india ans abroas. One of her recent wrk has been a mural on the wall og a pround house owner.

Tanushree Ghandok’s work are semi realistic with ans intense introspection of human emotions ans feelings like unconditional love.happiness ans eternal bliss reflecting a positive outlook towards life.