KNG Shoes Collection launched

Abhishek Dubey

Riyaz Gangji “Libas” specializes in Couture for men and women. Now Riyaz Gangji is returning with his new collection of KNG Shoes and Accessories. KNG (Khan Nishant Gangji) had launched his product through photoshoot in Mumbai.

Riyaz’s dream is to expand the KNG brand all across the country. “I have mostly been associated with ethnic & bridal wear, especially with LIBAS doing great business with wedding wear. I want to change this perspective of people as we already have been much more. I want to come out with something new that critics will also love and get in touched with today’s youth,” said the enthusiastic designer.

KNG launched a latest design of footwear especially for youth. Designer Shamshiya Khan had analysed shoes across the world then produce a newfangled design of their brand.

KNG Business partner Irfan Khan said, “We have done a lot of research and went across the world to find a unique kind of fashion which is not in India. We used latest technology to give our best to our product which can be appreciated by everyone”.

Riyaz’s brand LIBAS has touched many families in Mumbai and with many stores opening in other cities. Let’s see the new brand KNG of Riyaz’s how much touché Mubaikars.