Why should Delhi citizens must welcome Arivind Kejriwal-AAP consultative invitation to common citizens as a new tradition for Swaraj initial step ?

Rakesh Manchanda

AAP invitation to common Delhi citizen to pool guidelines whether to run minority Government via congress support or not is a welcome refreshing move.

It is for the first time a new breeze in poltics called AAP has broken the tradition. AAP the new party is reaching back the real maters the people of Delhi for approval.Till date the experienced,corrupt and clever parties like BJP-Congress instead of reaching the common people had been reaching the hidden corporate masters and business partners to help them guide ahead during deadlock via horsetrading and poaching.Corporate hidden masters till date had been advising with business deals on how to inflate water and electricity bills and even sell the nature resources, minerals, rivers, spectrum,services and human rights of 99% Indians to the traditional politicians.

Even if AAP new 28 nagar sevaks or MLAs may sound novice and inexperienced they are relatively honest. Aam Admi Party have now the alert support of people behind them to outsmart the dirty tricks of the administrative trade in running Delhi.

I am not superstitious but it appears that the figure of 8 in the equation of 28-08-18….28 MLAs of AAP with 8 MLA outside unconditional support required with 18 conditions of AAP to accept support is a courageous move to empower the emergence of a big change.

Well done AAP and Arvind Kejriwal.

Keep it up AAP warriors and march ahead to fulfill promises even with minority strength to establish a fair,strong and just Swaraj Governance Model in Delhi the Dil (heart) of India.