Street light is a problem in pocket 6-9, Nasirpur, Dwarka

Attached  letter addressed to local MLA regarding problem being faced by the residents of DDA and Society flats of pocket 6-9, Nasirpur, Dwarka. Among others, Street light is a problem. A request letter to MLA was sent on May 20 but as it did not give any fruitful result. The matter was self taken and is going to be resolved completely by September 16, 2011. The need of the hour is that such careless leaders should be brought out in the open. The main reason of negligence of the area may be small number of electorates as compared to the neighbouring colonies, which is densly populated.

May 20, 2011
Shri Pramod Kumar,
Councillor (130) Manglapuri
RZ-D-2, Gali No. 5, Near D-II Block,
Cross-VI, Mahavir Enclave-I, New Delhi-110 045

REG: Road lighting– Nasirpur Road, Sector 1-A Dwarka.


I am writing this letter and hope you will spare some of your time to go through it and look into the matter on priority basis.

This is regarding street road lighting of Nasirpur Road Sector 1-A, Pockets 6-9. During the preparation of Commonwealth Games the whole of Delhi was beautifully land scapped with fixing of modern power saving elegant looking street lights. Our area it seems to have been left. As a Councillor, may I request you to kindly look into the matter now and modifications may be done particularly for street lighting which is still in a very shape. You will agree that this has become an important road after it is being inhabited by Society and DDA flats. The traffic volume has also increased many times.

It is important to mention here that the said area is still being managed by DDA and not yet handed over to MCD. In that case it will be very much appreciated if you could take up the matter with concerned authorities for proper street lights on Nasirpur Road.

With warm regards,

Yours faithfully
( Arun Banerjee )