Punishment to A Rapist

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee

President, Heart Care Foundation of India

* One needs to distinguish between paraphiliac and non-paraphiliac rapists. Paraphiliac rapists have excessive sexual desire. Paraphiliac offenders commit sex offences because they are sexually aroused by the act. On the other hand, non-paraphiliac sex offenders are instigated by violations or ego-hurt or for taking revenge.
* False allegations of rapes can occur in the following situations: if one of the partners in live-in relationship refuses to marry, if two consensual partners are caught in the sexual act by the society, someone exploits secrete of the other person.
* One may lose intellect under the influence of alcohol and may end up in raping somebody if instigated.

* Chemical castration is reversible and the effect of the injection lasts only 3-6 months. The injections are costly and need to be given by medical doctors.
* Chemical castration in the long run leads to thinning of the bone (osteoporosis), feminine characteristics and increased tendency for cardiovascular diseases.
* Chemical castration drugs are not safe and healthy.
* In the long run influential people convicted for chemical castration will start paying bribes to doctors and get a water injection in place of chemical castration injection.
* Chemical castration does not mean dissolving the male organ with a chemical. It only means reducing the blood testosterone levels to that of pre-puberty levels.
* Non-injectable oral drugs, which block the action of testosterone are costlier and need to be taken every day. Therefore, they cannot be a part of chemical castration as punishment.
* Surgical removal of testis will remove sexual desire permanently and the same can only be given as a punishment in patients who are spending life-term in the prison.
* Depo Provera is another injection which can be given every three months to patients with paraphiliac sexual abnormality.
* Deprivation of sex and non-fulfillment of sexual desires is one of the main causes of rapes.
* If female commercial sex workers are banned in the society, the incidents of rape will increase as sexually deprived people with strong sexual urges will end up raping the minors.
* People under the influence of alcohol and drugs will keep raping girls if not treated and counseled in time.