Last HOPE……


1. Initially members of appox 10-11 Cooperative Group Housing Societies went for self draw of flats on 3.1.2010 because of inordinate delay in clearing the list of members by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies on one or the other false pretext by totally disobeying many Court orders passed sicne July, 2007 by the Hon’ble High Court and subsequently by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.

2. Soon after the self draw conducted by such suffering members January, 2010, the Govt of Delhi wake up and organized an interactive workshop of these suffering members of group Housing societies on 20.2.2010, when Smt Shiela Dixit, CM , Shri Raj Kumar Chauhan the Minister of Cooperatives, along with the Chief Secretary, Secretary (Cooperation) RCS and his subordinate Officials were physically present.

3. At that point of time it was assured by Mrs. Dixit and her Government that the RCS shall clear all such societies within a month and for that single window solution was mooted.

4. Inspite of waiting for more than 4 months not a single step has been taken by the Govt or the RCS by totally breaking their own commitments made to the people.

5. In these consequences 6 more such societies namely Pragitisheel Barva CGHS Ltd, Sanchar Vihar CGHS Ltd., Delhi Apartments CGHS Ltd., Khattar CGHS Ltd., Batukji CGHS Ltd. And Air India CGHS Ltd have conducted the self draw in the premises of Pragitisheel Barava CGHS Ltd situated in Section 11 Dwarka jointly in the present of eminent leaders of various political parties namely Shri Mahabal Mishra, MP (Congress), Shri A B Bardhan , General Secretary CPI, Sayeed Azees Pasha MP (CPI) and many more dignitaries. The self draw was conducted by these societies in an utmost transparent manner in the presence of Press and the electronic Media was present.

6. On the very next day the Minister of Cooperation Mr. Raj Kumar Chauhan had declared the said self draw as illegal and further declared serious punitive action against those gone for self draw without looking into the legal aspect or without caring for the feelings of people at large regarding their plight continuing for the last more than 5 years to get their flats. In this manner the Minister has come in open support of his erring corrupt RCS and his subordinate Officials instead of fixing the responsibilities against them thereby suggesting punitive action against those corrupt officers.

7. The suffering members have been continuing with their fight against corruption, nepotism, red tapesim, injustice under the umbrella of a forum named as Association of Suffering Members of Cooperative Group Housing Societies, Delhi under the Convener-ship of Shri Asok Kumar, a 70 years old retired high Official from the Steel Authority of India..

8. The suffering members at large through print media and electronic media and some members in individual capacity have been given threat of stern action which may resulted in prosecution and the withdrawal of essential services of water and electric supply to them in utter disregard to the law of land and also amounts to violation of Human Rights.

9. Two days back the Bhartiya Janta Party Delhi Pradesh has openly declared their unconditional support to the cause of suffering members. In that process today a Dharna/ Demonstration was organized by the BJP Delhi Pradesh in front of the Office of RCS at Parliament Street. A memorandum to that effect was handed over to the RCS in the after noon by raising the following demands:.

(a) Clearing all the societies waiting for allotment within a month by declaring a blue print in that respect;

(b) Withdrawal of all such punitive actions, FIR registered against the suffering members.

(c) Immediate regularization of all those societies who have gone for self draw since January, 2010 by following the past practice of regularization by the RCS by issuance of necessary Directives/Notifications;

(d) All those sufferers must be exempted from legal hassles, procedural hurdles or any other technical flaw for which the necessary proclamation must be affected;

(e) It was stated in the Memorandum and the RCS was made to understand by Mr. Vijender Gupta that in case of the failure of RCS and the present day Govt of NCT Delhi to act within a month, the BJP will given a call to all the societies waiting for allotment by self draw for which the BJP has committed to carry the same in the presence of their leaders.

10. The aforesaid demands raised in the Memorandum have the approval of the Association of Suffering Members of Group Housing Societies

.11. This Association is purely a non political organization, but always welcome the support to its cause by all Political leaders irrespective of their belonging to ruling or opposition parties and shall remain obliged to all such leaders who have come forward in its support at this crucial juncture.