Aman Verma turns negative Role

Prem Babu Sharma

 Aman Verma, who has so far portrayed either a positive or a neutral role, is all set to play an utterly negative character as Bhanu Pratap on COLORS Na Aana Is Des Laado. Aman’s character, Bhanu Pratap holds a lot of potential as he will be seen opening can of worms on Ammaji’s Khaandan.

Ammaji has left no stones unturned to break hell loose on the women in the house. Though a woman herself, she still believes that women should succumb to the male dominance. The sinister in her will receive a big blow when Bhanu Pratap (Aman Verma) makes an entry with a boomeranging 15 year old past. Bhanu Pratap’s entry will earmark the beginning of ‘Change’ in Ammaji’s life.
Talking about his character Aman says, “This is the first time I will be portraying a Haryanvi character. Right now I am just busy learning the dialect and the accent, as I want to do complete justice to the character I will be playing. Moreover it would be interesting for the viewers to see a powerful ‘Man’, challenging Ammaji on the show”
Aman’s look as Bhanu Pratap has been planned and he will be seen sporting a moustache and black teeka in the serial. His look as Bhanu Pratap will depict a macho ruffian who’s just out of jail after spending 15 years in Prison and the sole aim left in his life is to destroy Ammaji and her family. Aman’s character Bhanu Pratap will come on light while Ammaji’s Parivaar is celebrating Chanda’s child’s naming ceremony.