Lokpal: 48 hours to be heard!

Dear friends across India,

We have just 48 hours to flood the Lokpal public consultation and ensure politicians draft an effective anti-corruption bill.

Last week Parliament agreed to support a strong Lokpal. It’s now up to the standing committee to draft the law. The government has asked for our views – let’s flood it with messages and push them to include all of our demands.

It may be our last chance to have our voices heard. This is now down to the wire. Click below to send a direct message to the standing committee urging them to deliver an ambitious anti-corruption bill, and forward this email to everyone:

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Over the last four months we have bombarded politicians with hundreds of thousands of emails, faxes and phone calls, we have run opinion polls, put up billboards across Delhi, and joined nationwide marches urging politicians to stand with the people and pass a bill that will truly root out corruption.

Anna Hazare’s arrest and second fast provoked massive public outrage and forced Parliament to unanimously pass a bold resolution accepting key civil society demands, like the inclusion of a Citizen’s charter and the establishment of Lokayukta across all states.

Now we have 48 hours to make sure that the draft is ours. Send an urgent message to all standing committee members telling them we‘ll only accept a comprehensive Lokpal bill, and spread the word.

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As recent events across the world show, even the most powerful governments have no choice but to respond to citizens’ legitimate demands when these come together peacefully and persevere in their struggle. Last year, Avaaz members in Brazil forced a reluctant Parliament to pass unprecedented anti-corruption legislation — but it took months of bold, sustained actions to achieve it. Here the battle is far from over, and the government and other powerful interests will attempt every trick in the book to weaken or kill this bill. Let’s show we will show up at every moment to win this bill and strengthen our democracy!

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Shibayan, Luis, Alice, Alex, Giulia and the entire Avaaz team.