Love, Relationship and Graphology

Ananth and Radha met at a common friend’s party four years ago. It was an instant connect between them. They got along well and chatted for hours about music. Both were die-hard travel enthusiasts so most of their conversations inevitably veered towards places across the world that they had seen and would love to see, sometime soon, and maybe together.

Smitten and besotted by these shared interests, Ananth fell in love with Radha, head over heels. And in the fours years that spent together, he left no stone unturned to make Radha feel that someone special in his life.

But something was amiss between them.

To celebrate their four years of togetherness, Ananth had invited Radha for a music concert followed by dinner and then a short drive. Much in love, Radha thought it was the perfect moment to ask for marriage.

Halfway through the drive, she asked him how soon they could marry. Her words hit Ananth like a ton of bricks. He was shocked to hear her sudden wedding bouncer. For the first time, silence did the talking and it was deafening for Radha. The couple abandoned their ride soon after, and Ananth dropped Radha home but without speaking a word.For three weeks, there was no communication, whatsoever between them. The couple’s common friend Megha noticed the dryness in Radha’s voice and decided to bridge the gap between them. Both of them were depressed and visibly hurt, she felt.

Megha sought my intervention and asked me to extend support to mend their relationship. I asked both of them to meet me and come along with their handwriting samples. Samples from varied timelines — the recent ones, three months back, and if possible a year or two back.

They came, and Radha cried for 40 minutes before she could talk to me. She was heartbroken and depressed.

Ananth, being ‘the boy’ was teary-eyed but controlled himself from an outburst in public. I took their samples and started analysing their compatibility factors.

The angles, writing pressure, spacing between words, their proportion of different zones of writing revealed that Radha was an intelligent girl with a great passion for music, food, travel, and books. She was logical, analytical and philosophical; loved to work with clarity and seemed a process-driven person. She had a well-balanced approach, was nontemperamental, and peace-loving girl.

Ananth’s handwriting revealed that he too was passionate about music, loved to play guitar, travel, and cooking. He came across as emotional and expressive, loves to live in harmony and his drive for life is mostly relationship based. The boy too was non-temperamental and well balanced.

The couple shared a lot in common as their handwriting revealed.

I asked them to write how they felt about each other. Ananth had very intense feelings for Radha. He was missing her more than she did.

Displaced pressure and dual slant in Radha’s handwriting reflected confusion and irritation. She seemed visibly angry with Ananth. Ananth, on the contrary, was madly in love with Radha.Their writing samples revealed that they were compatible and a good couple case example. But looking closely, with the magnifying glasses, I could see a lot of pain in Ananth’s life. Something that he had kept all to himself all these years. He was hiding a lot of pain in his tight loops. All the communcation alphabets were tight and closed. Even though on the surface, he was a chatterbox, he was a different person within. There were high back curls and strokes in Ananth’s sample. It was here that I could read between the lines and unearth stories that were buried deep, causing emotional trauma to him and his beloved Radha.

Radha was calm and composed, and her emotional balance was intact. She was affected which was observed through varying pressure points, sudden bursts of pressure and added angles in her writing sample.

To make it easier for them, I asked Radha to come and sit with Ananth as I asked him questions to know more about him, something that he never discussed with her or anyone.

My first question was about Ananth’s relationship with his father. My second question was about his interaction with a mother figure in his life.

Ananth was the second child of his parents; his father remarried when he was five and he lived with his stepmother. He had faint memories of his real mother. After graduation, he tried getting in touch with her. His grandmother was his life. She knew a lot about him. She was his mother figure. His father had a minimal role in his life; he shared a limited communication with his dad. His father neither had a man-to-man conversation with him ever nor allowed Ananth to express himself.

My third question was about his ex-girlfriend.

Anant was in a relationship with his college friend and neighbour. They were happy together. But she chose to go to the UK to pursue her post-graduation degree, and that ended their love story, he told us.

Anant was relatively lighter after sharing all these hidden details while Radha was inconsolable. She had never imagined in her wildest dreams the pain that Ananth went through in his childhood, teens and youth. She came face-to-face with his trials, tribulations, and turmoil in that meeting and discovered a new Ananth. But the best takeaway was that both of them faced the problem upfront only to emerge stronger and better to handle any such trouble in their relations ever.

Today they are happily married and parents of two lovely kids.

So my friends, handwriting analysis is indeed therapeutic.

Keep Learning & Stay Blessed!