Making Elders Tech Smart

‘Apeejay Dwarka Campus’ in association with ‘Senior Hub Dwarka’, a registered NGO organized a Workshop “Making Elders Tech-Smart” under Apeejay Community Circle on 6th January 2021.

The theme of the workshop was ‘How to Safeguard Yourself against Frauds and Threats related to Online Financial Transactions’. This initiation was taken to make elders tech savvy amidst the growing instances of electronic frauds in the digital age. The workshop served as an interactive platform for learning about various security aspects when doing banking and credit/debit card transactions electronically. This Workshop brought together 40 people.

The session started with opening remarks by Mr. O.P Khanduja, Executive Director, Apeejay Dwarka Campus. He welcomed the participants and wished all the participants to have a great learning experience in the Workshop.

Dr. Amit Sareen, Director, Apeejay School of Management introduced the overall topics on agenda during Workshop’s sessions and highlighted that it is better to be safe than sorry, as recovery after fraud when dealing with financial institutions is mentally exhausting.

The first technical session was handled by Dr Shalini Vermani, Associate Professor, Apeejay School of Management. She started by focusing on the rising volume of financial frauds happening in India and the need to be vigilant to not becoming a victim. The various hacking techniques like phishing, card skimming and trojans and how they result in fraud was told. She further emphasized the need for a paid antivirus software since the free versions are largely ineffective.

The second technical session was taken by Prof. Vaibhav Aggarwal, (CFA), Assistant Professor, Apeejay School of Management, who discussed a real-life case of getting a fraudulent transaction charge reversed by a MNC Bank. He further discussed about new safety guidelines like Positive pay in cheque truncation system.

The participants expressed satisfaction from the new leanings from the sessions to minimize fraudulent transactions and it was a lively and Q&A session. Towards the end, to a question, Mr. Khanduja while intervening assured the participants that there will be more such workshops in future to serve the society.

Mr Khanduja also thanked Mr. R K Jain, President, Seniors Hub Dwarka and Mr. Ravi Jaitley, General Secretary, Seniors Hub Dwarka for becoming partner in organizing this workshop and was also thankful to all the members of Senior Hub Dwarka for joining this workshop. The workshop was appreciated by all the participants and was a great success all together.
Mr RK Jain and Mr Ravi Jaitley thanked Mr Khanduja and the entire Apeejay Team for this wonderful and useful workshop and assured the members that together we will have more workshops in future on different subjects including repeat of this.