Media can do wonders in student’s life, if utilized well during their regular study.(Part-I)


Media & its Impact on student’s life. This is  a very hot topic among the  parents. Yes, it is an important issue of concern that Media has greater impact on students life.  That’s why most of the parents are worried about their ward’s career. Parents don’t want that their wards should   spend too much time in watching Cricket Matches (which are mostly telecast during examinations) movies, TV programmes  mainly violent.  Now, with the introduction of   Smart Mobile phones,  the excess use has become a headache for the parents.

     To get rid of  mobiles, C.B.S.E. took a very positive step towards it on 29th July, 2009 when  a circular (Vide CBSE/AFF./CIRCULARS/2009)  was served to all the affiliated schools of India by Joseph Emmanuel-Dy.Secretary (Affl.) C.B.S.E.  As per the circular, the use of Mobile Phones definitely needs to be restricted in school environments.  The Board is of the opinion that all stakeholders connected with school education such as students, parents, teachers and heads of institutes need to arrive at a consensus on the use of mobile phones in their schools and restricting its entry in the school campus.  This is because mobile phones can be a serious cause of distraction, lack of concentration, anxiety, fear and sometimes even misuse.  Even if the mobiles are on silent mode they can be a source of disturbance within the classroom as students can make use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) during the class or even during an assignment.  The cameras which are a common feature now in most mobile phones can also be misused. The principal, teachers and other staff should also not be seen using the mobile in classrooms, playgrounds, common areas, laboratories and other parts of the school premises.

     Yet,  the use of smart mobile phone has tremendously increased in the student’s life  even in small villages & towns.   Because this is really a wonderful device like Aladin-ka-Chirag (used in olden days story) which can bring in you everything you can imagine. Undoubtedly, Smart Mobile phone has advance features to capture images, video, audio, SMS,  radio FM, TV, porn sites, Facebook, Youtube, games, Music,What’s app, thousands of apps etc. to communicate with anybody (known or unknown) across the world within a friction of  second, its just a button away.

About the Author & his Book “Media can do wonders in students’ Life” by Surender Singh Dogra (popularly known as S.S.Dogra),  This book  is a compliance of  more than twenty years experience of his active journalism, research  on Internet and other media books.  This book covers almost all the branches of Media and Mass Media like, print, electronic,  internet etc.  It’s a handy book for any student right from VI class to XII class. It is very helpful book for media students of  XI and XII in particular because it has covered the basic syllabus of Mass Media Studies subject.  Apart from basic knowledge about Media the topic like Major Indian news agencies, Media Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Media Terminology, Media Day, inspiring quotes, Media quiz are the major attraction of this Media Book. This is  really very helpful book for the students  who are even appearing in the media entrance test for BJMC too.

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