MBS International School organized a field trip to “Railway Museum”

The curriculum & school environment is not only the criteria for the overall development of the child.The outside exposure is also important for the holistic growth as well as for the personality development of the child.Classroom teaching should be supplemented with extra-curricular activities & excursion trip.

To ensure the same MBS International School organized a field trip to “Railway Museum”on September 28, 2018.
They were greeted by a huge engine at the gate & a squeal of excitement shot through the group.Further down at the museum children got even more excited to see exhibits of wagons,coaches & engines displayed in the exhibition hall.
The children were briefed priorly in the classroom about the railway in our country,how it was developed & in what scale it is operated in modern day India.Now they saw first-hand,samples of carefully preserved engines & the coaches from the various phases of evolution.

Needless to say the train joyride was a highlight.The excursion was followed up with each child creating a drawing of his/her image of the museum based on their perception.This enhanced their imagination & observation skills.