It was a proud moment for   The Indian Heights School, Sector 23, Dwarka, when our  students  Riya Sahay and Arnav Sahay of class VIII along with  Itasha Gupta and Naman Jagetia of class XI   were selected for the prestigious INSPIRE Awards for their Science Projects.

The two-day mega event INSPIRE awards was held on January 22 and January 23,2020. INSPIRE is a noble initiative The Department of Science Govt. of India has been running the INSPIRE Award scheme since 2009-10. The students from our school presented 4 projects namely Paper making from Water Hyacinth’, ‘Air Purifiers’, ‘Modeling the Process of Mining Silicon Through a Single-Displacement/Redox Reaction’ and   ‘Phytoremediation To Revive Lakes- Use Of Azolla Plants For Reducing Metal Toxicity In Water’. These projects were selected for INSPIRE awards 2020.  It was rich learning experience for our young scientists.