Stay alert, stay safe- Dr. Saini

Jatin MalikRecently, Indian Medical Association, Dwarka organised
CME on SWINE FLU at Auditorium, Rashi Appartment, Plot No-3, Sector-7, Dwarka. According to Dr. Amitabh Khanna-President Indian Medical Association, Dwarka, Dr. Narender Saini-President elect DMA was the speaker on the occasion. Dr. Saini is consultant of Global Hygiene Council. Dr. Saini informed the audience that the first Swine flue virus reported from Mexico on 18th March 2009. At present, more than 120 countries are affected with it. In 1918 Spanish flue in America (H1N1) caused 50 million people death case. Similarly, in 1968 Hong Kong flue took away 1 million people. Talking to our correspondent, Dr. Saini informed that coughing, sneezing, fever muscle aches, lethargy, headache are major symptoms of swine flue. The infections period of it is up to seven days. So far, 129 positive cases are registered in India.
As far as precaution is concerned, proper vaccination, Hygiene condition, washing of hands properly with normal soap, one-meter distance should be maintained with the animals, staff/students should remain a
t home during this infection. Around fifty people which includes doctors also gathered to attend this informative seminar.