GENESIS-18- Exhibition of Paintings, Sculptures & Photographs

Finetouch celebrates visual expression. Artists’ creative instinct constantly influenced by ideas and inspirations from society, nature and experiences that initiates the urge to bring about unique visual representations in various forms like painting, sculpture, photography and many more new media. Finetouch is enterprising to promote visual presentation of ideas and artistic concepts for public view through its upcoming exhibition to be held at All India Fine Arts & Crafts Society, Rafi Marg, New Delhi-110001 from 1st June to 7th June 2018. 

‘GENESIS 18’ is a promising endeavour by Finetouch showcasing 34 artists in a classic manner that traces a timeline of developments in style, themes and schools of what has emerged today as Indian contemporary art, in their visual languages as paintings, sculptures, photographs, and mix media. Finetouch wishes to hand out a fascinating visual bonanza to the viewers and art lovers to celebrate the power of our visual idioms. This exhibition presents the glory of Indian Contemporary Art, fusing together some of the finest works from well established artists with a range from the most promising genius and reputable talent across the country. 
‘GENESIS 18’ is curated by Ravindra Kumar Tanwar and Ms. Balwinder Tanwar is inaugurated on June 1, 2018 by Honourable guests namely Eminent Sculptor, Padmabhushan Sh. Ram V Sutar (President, AIFACS), Padmashree Prof. Biman B Das, (Chairperson, AIFACS), Dr. Ruchi Seth, Principal, Lotus Valley School, Noida, Mr. Dayanand Vats, Eminent Educationist and Sr. Journalist. 
The concept of the exposition titled ‘GENESIS-18’ has been conceived with a view to bring to the audience a collection of art works which in many ways provide an insight about the contemporary art movement in India today. It can in no way assume to be definitive but an attempt a significant representation. The striking features of the artworks of the participating artists show they straddle diverse cultures whereas still voicing the present context of Indian social, cultural and political life. The exhibits provide an introspective and sometimes uneasy glimpse into modern India, yet are collectively global in their presentation. This exhibition is a acknowledgment and appreciation for the influential antecedents of this genre of art. Clearly, the narrative has changed as these works demonstrate figurative and abstract, impatient yet unhurried, ancient spirituality fused with modern ethos. It is amazing to determine the resemblance in direction of thought of all participating artists who come from diverse milieus and circumstances nevertheless belonging to the same inner sensitivity to come out with the intention of sharing, discussing and spreading the ideas of growth and evolution with their fellow social beings, to be able to lay down the concrete building blocks for the upcoming generations.