Meeting of Dwarka Forum held at sector-6, Dwarka

Meeting of Dwarka Forum held recently in sector -6, Dwarka.

Following members were present
(1) Anil Nayal
(2) Ashok Chaitanya
(3) P.Menon
(4) Biju Nair
(5) Sunil Gupta
(6) Sudha R
(7) Sushil Kumar
(8) N. Ramakrishanan
(9) Chander Krishnamurthy
(10) M.K.Gupta
(11) T. Sampath Kumar
(12) Rejimon CK
(13) R. Vijay Raghavan
(14) H.D. Goyal
(15) S.K. Goyal
(16) Anoop Rohera
(17) Cdr. (Rtd) I.C. Sharma
(18) Sanjay Mishra

After introduction following issues were discussed in length

(1) Action against encroachment.
Members expressed deep concerned about the encroachment in various Sectors and the attitude of various Authority. Keeping in view a Committe consisting Ashok Chaitanay, Rejimon CK and Anoop, was set up to take care of encroachment by Mobile van. Committee will take inputs from members and suggest the best way to tackle the issue. On recommendation DF will take appropriate measures.

On basic policy of Tezbahari and other Committee consisting Sanjeev Goyal, Sudha, Rama was constituted. They will suggest/take appropriate action in this respect.

(2) DTC Bus services in Dwarka Subcity
It was decide to wait for new development and will send reminder to CMO/Transport/DTC. It was suggested to highlight this News in media & follow-up.

(3) Regarding inauguration of Hospital at Sector-9
Member were briefed about the development and decided to do the follow-up with Minister Kiran Walia / LG & VC DDA..

(4) Promotion of DF Memebership.
Members accepted the recommendation of Mr. Sampat to increase the Membership by contribution and input by all members especially GB.

(5) Handing over the Water Supply to DJB from DDA
It was decided to follow up .

6. Garbage / Dustbins
It was decide to make follow up with MCD regarding placement of Dustbin / Garbage Bins at particular places of every Sector, if required an RTI to be filed. It was further decided to lodge complaint with new CMO helpline number in mass.

7. Illegal Temple at various Sectors
Mr. Biju Nair & Mr. Menon informed the members about the development that DDA has accepted that the Dwarkadhis temple is illegal. Members suggested to follow up the issue till it is wholly removed.

Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks

Sushil Kumar
General Secretary