Mesmerising performance by Sapna at Ayyappa Temple

Sapna Attavar, disciple of Guru Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar, Founder Director Nrityabharati and second year student of Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University gave a solo Bharatanatyam recital in the sacred precincts of Ayyappa Temple R K Puram on 06 December 2012, as part of the on-going Mandala Pooja and Makara Vilakku Festival. With gracious movements and forceful footwork throughout the two hour solo recital, Sapna who very recently won the Dwarka Torch Bearer Award in the category Best Student Co-Curricular, held spellbound a discerning audience, among whom distinguished persons were present. 

In all, Sapna performed ten dances. Beginning her performance with Mallari, a traditional invocation to Lord Ganesha, and other deities Kartiyeka, Siva, Parvathi and Chandikeshwar, Sapna continued to weave before the elite audience, the magic of her dance with Murugha Shabdam describing the childhood of Lord Murugha and his marriage with Valli. She continued with a portrayal of Yashoda, who brought up the Lord Krishna Himself, depicted the Ashtalakshmis, and performed Lingashtakam, a highly revered prayer to Lord Shiva.

After a short break for changing her costume, Sapna resumed her journey of Bharatanatyam, enthralling all with a piece on Veera Hanuman depicting the great Hanuman in three Avataaras. This was followed by a Jayadeva Ashtapadi, illustrating the love of Radha and Krishna. The next item, a Meera Bhajan, Jo Tum Todo Piya was followed by a Kannada composition in praise of Goddess Lakshmi. Sapna then depicted the ten Avataraas of Lord Vishnu, in Jai Jai Ram, Jai Shree Ram, a Ram Bhajan. Sapna concluded her performance with Thillana, always the concluding piece of a Bharatanatyam repertoire, consisting of intricate korvai patterns set to taala cycles, with sculpturesque poses at the end of every korvai. Bhakti Sahitya makes the Thillana a delightful experience. The Thillana was immediately followed by Mangalam, a short prayer in praise of the deity, seeking welfare of one and all, welfare of body, mind and soul. 

Amongst the elite audience was renowned Kathak dancer Nalini, Dr. Vageesh Deputy Director General, All India Radio and Shri A K Purwaha, Chairman & Managing Director Engineers India Limited. All the dignitaries spoke highly of the commitment and dedication of the Guru Smt. Kanaka Sudhakar and the artiste of the evening, Sapna Attavar towards propagation of this traditional Indian art. The organizers honoured the Guru and the disciple at the end of the wonderful performance.