Isha & Ira grow up!

 PremBabu Sharma
Isha and Ira grow up! After a sensitive portrayal of two innocent sisters being ruthlessly abandoned by their father in an orphanage and the girls  learning the ropes of survival in the big, bad world  thereafter, Choti Si Zindagi will see a leap by the end of this week. Ten years have gone by and Isha and Ira are older, separated by circumstances and it’s an all new story revolving around their lives!
Fresh faces Toral Rsaputra and Leena Jumani have been roped in to play the roles of the grown up Isha and Ira respectively.”Both Leena and I are very excited about playing the roles of Isha and Ira. The complexities of the love-hate relationship that Ira has with her sister is something that I am looking forward to enacting. Given their unpleasant experiences during their childhood,  Ira definitely hates Isha unlike the latter who still pines for her li’l sister. It will be interesting to see how fate gets them to meet and what life has in store for them,” says a confident Toral with a smile. Mumbai girl Toral has appeared on shows like Dhoom Machao Dhoom while the pretty Ahmedabad born Leena has been seen in popular Balaji shows.  
Said Mr. Ajay Bhalwankar, Programming Head Zee TV, ‘it’s a natural progression for any show to take a leap. We  were dealing with a particular issue while the protagonists were children. With them having grown up now, the dynamics of their relationship will change altogether. As kids, one saw both the sisters very fond and fiercely protective about each other. Now, one will see a different facet of their relationship altogether. We are sure that Toral and Leena will create the same magic on screen as Richa and Shruti did.”
Living under the impression of having been cast aside by the sister she loved so much, Ira has been adopted and now grown up to be a spoilt rich young girl who has never really forgiven her sister for the ‘wrong’ done to her while she was a child. In the meanwhile, her sister Isha has reincarnated herself as the affable RJ Palak on a popular radio station in the hopes that her sister Ira will recognise her voice and connect with her. However, while destiny inevitably does bring them together, time has changed the both between them so much that neither one will recognise the other. To add to the mayhem, Sam too will return into their lives if only to put a wedge between them! After the pain of losing their father and being separated from each other, will they build on their relationship or go their own ways?  Only time will tell…