MOCKERY of Anti-Defacement Act by MCD -RTI Reveals TRUTHs


As reported by APRO/NGZ, a raid was conducted on 23.06.2010 in the Dwarka Area wherein 156 Hoardings and 32 Banners were removed.

To verify correctness of your claim as stated in your email dated 25/6/2010, I made survey of some important sectors 6/7/10/4/5/11/12 junctions and markets especially.

1. Let me acknowledge there were only few banners noticed at Sector 4/5/11/12 and 6/10 markets. However the Sector 7 Market is full of banners. (the Pictures atached self explanatory). We appreciate your action in this manner.
2. About hoariding/Boards across Dwarka found all there as it is. Almost all the street lights and even some signal lights were found boards fixed(the Pictures atached self explanatory)

3. About Posters: Its very sorry state of affairs, even I found on DCP Police office direction and Sector 23 PS direction boards posters pasted. There were many sign boards put up by DDA and other agencies were defaced with posters. Almost all MTNL/BSES/AIRTEL distribution boxes, almost all the walls of DDA Pockets, CGHS boundaries and Commerciala CSC/LSC have full of such posters.


RTI and e-mail  Detail

Let’s make DWARKA POSTER FREE  – Col Shivraj