TB ke kheelaf ek mission hai Adhuri Menhdi: Gulshan Sachdeva

 Prembabu Sharma
 After directing over 75 commercials for like AOl, Kingfisher, jsw, p&g , and Unilever. Gulshan Sachdeva went on to make Many tv serial Apki Adhalat, Panchasm, kanhiya, jhot bole kaova kate, janjere, bond bond, Asman kaise kaise, Lekhu…. his busy 4 short film Adhuri menhdi, Adhuri shev, nai dulhan, & Do kahania. The fillm Based DOT TB . main lead is Jeenat Aman. His other  documentary Polio v/s Polio Victims has already won the 56th Natinal film Award for best motivational film. The film also won gold for outdoor & public service film at Goa ad fest 2008. The critically acclaimed film has been screened in various film festivals around the world. Ogilvy & mather team, Zenobio Pithawalla and samarat rane wrote the scrite & campaign and roped in Gulshan to direct this film. The film tells a gritty story about an enthusiastic bunch of polio victims who have decided to go door to door in the slums of Mumbai to spread awareness about the pulse polio campaign.
The victime giving examples of their own handicap and insisting each and every resident to visit the pulse polio camp if they  don”t want theiar kids to turn out like them. For a few days, they overcome their handicap and spread the message without taking a break or even resting.Ensurung that they cover as many households as they can.The story is about courage and human triumph.

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