‘I am Safe” Workshop held at Sri Venkateshwar International School

Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, Sector 12, in coordination with RPGS Advisory Services Pvt Ltd., conducted a workshop for the students of Class VI making them aware of how to be safe at school, home and everywhere.

With soaring incidents on child abuse, it is necessary for children to understand the problem. The team from RPGS explained the good and bad touch to the young audience through a power point presentation by way of a story. Students were made to feel comfortable to open up and talk to the team about particular instances wherein they or some other member of their family had to suffer an unwelcomed incidence. Students were further told about good and bad touch. The team also explained parts of the body which are safe to touch and not so safe to touch.

The awareness session was divided into three sections on “Shout, Run and Tell.” The team explained to the students how a good touch makes them feel good like hugs, kisses and pats on the back from a mother, friend or teachers while a bad touch makes children feel guilty and confused besides leaving them embarrassed.

Students were later taken out to the school ground to give them hands on training on how to safeguard themselves and also defend themselves while facing any such unforeseen situation of danger.

“A bad touch which makes you feel confused and uncomfortable should be discouraged and parents should be informed about it,” said VI Standard student Mayank. He said: “I am ready to SHOUT, RUN and TELL because I am aware.”

Ms. Nita Arora, the Principal thanked the RPGS team for making the children conscious of such an important issue. She said, “It is a misconception that only girls are abused. We should equip both boys and girls to face the situation. It is a tricky lesson but unavoidable,” she added. “Children should know what they need to do when someone forces them inappropriately. The child requires courage to be firm about his/her physical boundaries and such awareness programmes would give them the guts.”