National Capital of Crime and Corruption

Hari Dev Goyal            

Formerly Professor of Economics, LBS
National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie (U. P.)

Delhi has the proud distinction of being the National Capital of Crime and Corruption which has been guiding Light House for other States and Union Territories. Crime and Corruption thrive leaps and bounds as there is clear lack of Political and administrative will.   

A common man (justice-deprived Indian) feels happy reading “At DDA Office, you tout it out”. A seasoned bureaucrat Mr. A. K. Nigam’s reply that “In cases the documents are in order, the Citizen’s Charter is followed in most transactions” and not in all transactions speaks volumes about cover up.  
 2.        Ground reality is that the dealing assistants in Land Administration Branch (LAB) Housing processing cases of Leasehold, Conversion, Mutation, Conveyance Deed for  DDA built-up flats consider Mr. Nigam, their Vice-Chairman just a non-entity as they have the blessings and patronage of their immediate officers like Commissioner (Housing), Directors and Deputy Directors. To prove it, I have cases like Conveyance Deed executed in 1986 by the Sub-Registrar after paying stamp duty is not honoured  and acceptable to the concerned dealing assistant. Similarly, demand letters issued by the Deputy Directors (earlier one Shri V.P. Bansal and of the present one Shri Mahavir Singh) are not acceptable.  He wants that some tout should come to him for paying his unofficial charges and not the Allottee. Public hearings on Mondays and Thursdays are just eye wash. (Names may be skipped)
3.         Second major issue in this corrupt organisation is that DDA does not comply with the orders and directions of Central information Commissioners.  An Order (No. CIC/LS/A/2009/248) passed by Shri M. L. Sharma Central Information Commissioner in CIC on 31.3.2009 asking the concerned Deputy Director to supply information to the appellant within four weeks has still not been provided. The Order has not been complied with despite numerous reminders to Shri Wajahat Habibullah, Shri M. L. Sharma and the concerned Deputy Director of Delhi Development Authority. RTI applicant and CIC both are HELPLESS in getting information sought and orders implemented by DDA.