What In Ravana’s Horoscope Made Him A Ravana – The Epitome Of Intriguing Personality?


Ravana is the primary antagonist character of the Hindu legend, the Ramayana, who is the king of Lanka. In the classic text, he is mainly depicted negatively. This depiction is, however incomplete without, open to other characteristics of his trait. Ravana is described as a devout follower of Lord Shiva, a great scholar, a capable ruler, and a famous alchemist, an excellent astrologer, having very rare knowledge of medicine, an occult personality and having a deep understanding of music.

Horoscope of Ravana:

Ascendant: Libra
1st house: Saturn, Moon [in Libra]
2nd house: — none
3rd house: — none
4th house: Mars [in Capricorn]
5th house: — none
6th house: Venus, mercury [in Pieces]
7th house: Sun [in Aries]
8th house: — none
9th house: — none
10th house: Jupiter [in Cancer]
11th house: — none
12th house: — none
Different yoga’s present in the horoscope: 
  • Chatussagara yoga: All the four quadrants are occupied by the planets. In the Ravana’s horoscope all the quadrants are occupied by the planets. 
  • Shash yoga: Saturn in its own/exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope the Saturn is exalted in ascendant. 
  • Ruchak yoga: Mars in own /exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope Mars is exalted in 4th house. 
  • Hans yoga: Jupiter is own/exaltation sign in quadrant. In the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in 10th house. 
  • Vipareet raj yoga: Lords of 6th/8th/12th placed in 6th/8th/12th houses. In the Ravana horoscope the lord of 8th house is Venues and the lord of 12th house is Mercury placed together in 6th house. 
  • Gaj-kesari yoga: Jupiter in own/exaltation sign is being placed quadrant to the Moon. In the horoscope the Jupiter is in exaltation and placed 10th from the Moon. 
  • Saraswati yoga: Jupiter in Exalted /own sign placed in quadrant/trine. In the horoscope the Jupiter is exalted in 10th house. 
  • Amla yoga: The 10th from the ascendant/Moon should be occupied by a benefice. In the horoscope the 10th from ascendant/Moon is Jupiter which is a benefice as well as in exaltation. 
  • Nichabhanga raj yoga: If a planet in its debilited sign and the lord of that debilited sign in own/exalted sign and placed in quadrant/trine from ascendant/Moon. In the horoscope the Mercury is debilited in the 6th house but the lord of 6th house i.e. Jupiter is exalted in the 10th house from the ascendant/Moon.
Highlights of the horoscope:
  • The ascendant-sign and the Moon sign is same i.e. Libra.
  • Moon is posited in ascendant with exalted Saturn, made Ravana a very notable and highly commendable ruler of the country.
  • Saturn is exalted in ascendant shows his cruel, aggressive
     and arrogant nature but also reflects his great interest for occult sciences and supernatural powers.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus is exalted, thus he enjoyed a very luxurious, materialistic and comfortable life.
  • Moon is badly afflicted by Saturn making the character of Ravana very cruel but a learned, a Tantric [soccer], a Shiva devotee and a person of highly manipulative political knowledge.
  • Affliction to Moon present many disgraceful moments in his life.
  • Combination of Moon and Saturn makes Punarphoo yoga, which presented many obstacles in his life.
  • Lord of ascendant Venus in the exaltation sign, shows his rare musical abilities.
4th house: 
  • Exalted Mars in 4th house, made Ravana a very great warrior and owner of the prosperous and wealthy kingdom of the Lanka.
  • Ravanawas admired for his huge knowledge of weapons and sorcery because of his strong Mars.
7th house: 
  • Exalted Sun posited in 7th house, the Ravana faced many powerful enemies in his entire life.
  • Lord of the 7th house Mars is exalted in 4th house, he was attracted towards many woman in his life.
  • 7th house being afflicted by Moon, Saturn and Sun is responsible for his sexual disasters.
  • Exalted Venus in 6th house, indicates he was believed to have physical relations with many women whom he had captured in the battles
9th house: 
  • Lord of 9th house Mercury is debilited and posited in 6th house, he was the cause of downfall of his entire dynasty and disgrace for his ancestors.
  • Debilited mercury hampered his intelligence and he himself chose the path of self-destruction.
  • Mercury in the 6th house indicates, he took many bad or wrong decisions in his life.
10th house: 
  • Jupiter posited in 10th house, made him spiritual in nature. He performed many difficult and rare sermonises and rituals to please many deities.