NATIONAL READERS AWARD 2019 to JMIS at Hyderabad Literature Fest

J M International School has always had a different approach towards learning. Here learning is based on the view that each individual comes into life with an evolutionary purpose and corresponding potentialities: educating means drawing out this potential. DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) daily reading Program- This is a daily time-slot in the time-table, when at the end of the day everyone winds up the almanac writing, pack the bags and then for sometime before calling it a day, everyone in each class reads a story-book or the news-paper. We encourage all in the school to “Drop everything and Read” every day throughout the year.

The goal of the program is to prompt children and the entire school community to make reading a regular part of their routine. This innovative idea was originated by Principal Ms Anuradha Govind and cherished by Food4Thought Foundation India reading Olympiad – 2019. India Reading Olympiad is a platform which encourages reading habits and appreciates individuals, groups and institutions which promote reading & book lovers. It had 13 categories wherein, 63 schools participated with 2,200 entries (in 6 Languages: English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu). JM International School won IRO 2019 under the category of Reading4Pleasure-School Award.