Foreign Mission in Residential Use at Sector 24 Dwarka, Phase II

Neemo Dhar
Commissioner -PR, DDA

The following decisions were taken in the Authority Meeting held today at Raj Niwas:

1. ‘Special Permission’ was granted by Authority under MPD-2021 for land measuring 580 sq.m. to be used for Guest House in Sector 24 Rohini Phase-III. This land was meant for community facilities in the layout plan.

2. Modification of the Development Control Norms for Biodiversity parks to facilitate development of biodiversity in Regional parks, city parks and district parks was considered and approved by Authority. Similarly, change of land use for allowing burial / cremation in village Mubarakpur Sector 40 Rohini was also approved along with modification in Use Zone for permitting Foreign Mission in Residential Use at Sector 24 Dwarka, Phase II.

3. In order to provide relief to the allottees of DDA flats who have been allotted flats on hire purchase [installment basis] and have failed to pay their installments, a special Penalty Relief Scheme was approved. As per this scheme about 50000 allottees will get relief by way of 25% relief in the interest rates. It may be mentioned that 18% simple interest is charged by DDA for belated payments and in this 25% relief will be given thereby reducing the interest to 13.5%. This scheme will be available to only those allottees who clear all their outstanding installments due up to the date of application and also clear all interest/ penalty, ground rent etc. No restoration charges will be charged for cancellations done on account of belated payment under the scheme. The Scheme will be open for period of six months i.e. upto 30.11.2011.

4. The proposed policy on Farm Houses in Delhi was discussed in detail. The members were not against the policy as such but expressed that it should not be considered in isolation and should be brought in conjunction with relevant amnesty scheme for regularization of all other buildings or structures belonging to various segments of the Society. They expressed that all matters of regularization/ amnesty which benefit non-affluent sections, should also be brought in the form of a comprehensive proposal in the next Authority meeting. Their suggestion was agreed to.