Natural healing through Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Bar)

Need of OXYGEN

* Everyday we breathe 20,000 times
* Our blood is the liquid carrier of Oxygen in whole of the body and it fuels all the systems, stimulated chemical reactions and cleans itself of waste and toxins
* The human brain makes up 2 % of our total mass and requires 20 % of the body’s oxygen.
* Oxygen is one of the five basic elements of our life. 90 % of our energy comes from oxygen and the other 10 % comes from food and water. 

Aromatic Oxygen Therapy (Oxygen Bar)
Oxygen Bar 
It is a kiosk that offers non – medical oxygen through disposable cannulas to be placed around the nose. Oxygen is colourless, odourless and insipid gas. To make it feel and more enjoyable, normally few drops of aromatic essential oil like Eucalyptus, Lemon, Lavender, Clementine, Mint etc. are mixed. Oxygen loaded with the aromatic oils also provides “Aromatherapy”.

The air we normally breathe in the atmosphere contains 21 % oxygen whereas Oxygen Bar’s offer 90 to 95 % concentrated oxygen allowing the consumer to breathe 4 to 5 times the normal amount of oxygen. Oxygen inhalation being natural and harmless, paves the way to rebalance the body’s oxygen levels for faster recovery and increased vitality. Generally it takes 10 minutes to oxygenate ones blood and therefore a 15 minutes oxygen bar session is considered ideal for optimum results.


Breathing higher concentration of oxygen apart from awakening the spirit and rejuvenating has several benefits:- 

* Increased Memory 
* Increased Energy, Stamina, Endurance and Vitality
* Helps in muscle development and tissue repair
* Muscle recovery and brain stimulation to athletes in sports like  
  football, basketball, tennis and professional fighting
* De-stressing the mind
* Relief from toxic hangovers after drinks
* Relief from jetlag for frequent fliers.
* Increased Concentration and Alertness
* Relaxed and Sound Sleep (cures sleep disorders)
* Anti – aging properties
* Treatment of acne
* Boosts immune system of the body

Studies at International level have revealed that there are no risks and no adverse side effects of inhaling oxygen at oxygen bar.

Oxygen Bar are well known and popular for over a decade in the USA, Canada, Japan, most of Europe, South America and the Middle East. The concept is developing fast in India. Research has demonstrated that our vital lung capacity decreases by 5 % after every decade of life. Increased pollution further reduces the efficiency of the respiratory cells and defuses the activity of the haemoglobin as an oxygen bearer and we end up with poor blood circulation.

Oxygen is another name for life. Studies have shown that human body cannot last for more than 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water but only 3 minutes without oxygen. So it can be made out how important is oxygen for our survival.

Modern life style is full of stress, family problems and alcohol to some extent which results in poor absorption of oxygen and badly tells upon our fitness. Today, even celebrities have started using oxygen therapy to improve their life style and more importantly to look younger and preserve their body’s tone.

School going children with poor concentration in studies and hangover of examinations feel much better after Oxygen Therapy and their performance in studies also show remarkable improvement. Studies on some of the mentally retarded children have also shown positive results in their behaviour and sleep pattern.

Worldwide people are spending so much to pay the price of bottled pure drinking water then why not pay a little to breathe pure air.

So make up your mind for a better life style and upkeep of your fitness and enjoy ageing without sufferings. 

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