Citizen’s Reporter

S.K. Garg

The Deputy Mayor,


Respected Sir,

We would like to inform that neighborhood residents of Sector 20,21,22,23 have formed a Zonal SUKH-DUKH KE SATHI MANCH (SDKS) of Senior and young Citizens in the month of August, 2010. Within no time, we have achieved the target of registration of members to bring under the umbrella of SDKS to strengthen the different existing ones.

Our group members have offered VOLUNTAIRLY to participate in sanitation, maintenance of parks, street lights and other civics works. The main objective of SDKS is to meet in Sukh-Dukh of our co-members.

Keeping in view, the excellent response from the members, a zonal meet of SDKS was organized on Sunday, The 19th Sept, 2010 in the community hall of Dream Apartments, Plot 14, Sector-22, Dwarka.

We feel pleasure to enclose the copies of papers presented by the members in Zonal meet for your kind reference.

The main objectives of SDKS are as under:-

1. To meet in SUKH-DUKH of our co-members immediately.
2. To get kitchen kura and other waste material lifted daily.
3. To keep this zone very neat and clean.
4. To organize all the activities under one umbrella rather than in different existing ones.

We are looking forward for your kind co-operation for making zone-7 as a model zone and to set an example for others.

With kind regards
S.K. Garg
Vice President for SDKS


Since a long time an Executive Committee of Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka which is registered one was planning to motivate the members, to extend their cooperation and participation in SUKH DUKH of our Co Members. Citizens of all walks of life, experts and retired from higher posts are available in our association and with the grace of ALMIGHTY, who are having good health can still participate to supervise and monitor various activities of the Society, to yield high quality of works in respect of construction of roads, sewerage, drainage, maintenance of street light, parks, Sanitation, horticulture, soil testing and to keep watch towards, the security of citizens and bad elements, who are involved in chain snatching etc.

One fine morning to manage all the activities very smoothly and in a better way, one of our member with the help of our few co-members initiated to plan it.

Firstly they divided the whole of Dwarka into seven Zones, consisting of three or four sectors in each zone at their own local level. Secondly decided to create the posts of zonal secretary, sector and society
co-ordinators to strengthen the association.

In the first week of August’ 2010 with the aims and objectives narrated above, our few members started making efforts to contact the citizens who come in the parks of sector 22 & 23 for walking, exercise etc. in morning and evening. Within no time, say in a month, about one hundred members have come under the umbrella of SDKS and results are at our doors.