Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together for better Dwarka

Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together has had their meeting recently at Mass CGHS Society, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi. Twenty-five ladies attended it. They discussed various problems facing their surrounding areas . The Problems came up for discussion include – There are no lights in the neighbourhood parks’ side roads and by lanes, and they have become the centre of criminal activities and anti-social elements. People are afraid to walk alone, especially ladies and children who have to go for shopping through that area. Often streetlights and traffic signals do not work. Open nallas are the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Roads, footpaths and service lanes remain unclean and garbage is not removed regularly. Dustbins kept on roads continuously emit foul smell. Roads and footpaths are broken in several places. Water scarcity is acute. MCD water Tank price has doubled.

Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan, Chief Convener of NHLGT delved upon to solve the various problems facing our area, that we have to awaken ourselves and feel the community responsibility. The Govt. has appointed various officers viz., Horticulture, Civil, MCD, Electricity, look after our area. but they are a drain on tax-payer’s money. We should motivata them to perform their duties diligently. Our joint efforts only can make them move from their chairs and work.

Mr. Conal Aneja, President of the Mass CGHS Society congratulated the ladies for having organized such a meeting to solve the problems of the area. He said that with the coming together of the ladies, it is sure that they can solve the problems of their area and make Dwarka an enviable place. Ladies also wanted to have a space for building a temple in the area and for sanction of more post offices to meet the growing demand. They wanted MCD to spray against mosquitoes to prevent the alarming solute of Dengue. Here, Law and Order situation is also a big problem and the burglaries have started from inside the societies – steeling of batteries from transformers and gas cylinders has become common feature. After the meeting, the President, Mr. Aneja gave away a tea party. Mrs. Raj Kurup, Deputy Convenor of NHLGT stressed on the fact that even though we write letters under registered and certificate of posting, the Officers of Horticulture, electricity deptts., etc. never take pain enough to reply even though they are provided with huge office staff. Thus all our efforts go in vain and all our complaints fell on deaf ears. Mrs. Mohini Barara give Vote of thanks.