Er. Colonel Sabharwal A. K.
EME (ARMT) Bsc,Bsc (Engg) Mech (BHU), AMIEM: 9899477943

We are extremely grateful to SCIENCE and the Scientist for providing us means to know about the unimaginably minute atoms, electrons, the energy in electrons by which they are in motion at tremendous speeds, micro-organism, blood cells, protoplasm, and what not. Similarly science has discovered for us the knowledge about macro, the vast creation, Stars, Planets, Constellations, Solar systems, galaxies, spread over billions of miles, no two heavenly bodies ever-colliding and functioning like a perfect clock, following strictest of rules and discipline. Imagine, for example, the gyro-motion of our earth itself, an undulated sphere of diameter about 13,000 kms, rushing in space, nine crores and thirty lakh miles away from the sun, at a speed of 30 km/sec which is thirty times the speed of bullet fired from a rifle and spinning at an incredible speed of 1670km/hr which is far more than the fastest jet plane invented by man so far. Despite the change and other changes take place, we being at ease as if nothing is happening. We go about leisurely on mother earth in grand ignorance of its tremendous movements in space.

Nobody, so far, has solved the riddle of life, as to what is that which leads to knife and what is death, what is the cause of movements in human beings, animals and plants.

The question arises “Is everything happening without a cause, is all this creation without the creator”. Scientist has no answer because he cannot prove, he does not accept. Now, how to bridge this gap. One simple assumption which has been amply proved thousand of times through the personal experience of many persons, great Yogis and declared in no uncertain terms in ‘GEETA’, the song celestial, would provide the solution to this most difficult problem. The assumption is a creator and he is in the form of energy of the minutest wave length, beyond the measuring capacity of any instrument ever to be invented by the scientist, is permeating every atom/cell and is life itself, the source of all movement and life in all living beings.

Thou art refuge, thou art worthy of worship, thou art the sustainer of creation and self effulgent, thou art the creator, sustainer and destroyer of the world, thou art very calm and devoid of all thoughts.

As and when the goodness deteriorates to its worst, to uplift it, I incarnet at that time.
To protect the good and to destroy the wicked and establish moral code of conduct, I incarnate from time to time.

Those, who, with full faith, remember me always, I look after them in all respects.

Leaving aside all religions, come to my refuge alone. I will absolve you from the after-effects of all bad deeds, be sure.

In the above Shlokass, Shri Vyas, a realized soul and the author of Mahabharat is saying in no uncertain words, the truth about the incarnation who declares the eternal facts to great Arjun.
All activity around us is due to the interaction of positive and negative energy, positive and negative temperaments and is termed as world-drama . It has been carrying on from time-immemorial and will carry on till eternity.

The Divine Energy can be visualized in the form of light, through perfect concentration of mind, in the forehead, between the two eye-brows. It is through constant, relentless practice that one would have such an extra-ordinary experience, resulting in undisturbable peace of mind and equanimity.

God is an intelligent life force. If we worship it as a personal God, a stage comes when we see it as such as we see motion picture on the screen. Here mind is the screen and personal God is a live picture.

If we worship it as energy, we can perceive it as light in the forehead and in region of the heart.

If the above facts are assumed as correct, it will straightway bridge the gap between the spiritualist and the scientist. The concept provided by the science in understanding the energy clearly, if stretched further, will enable us to understand the ultimate, the Divine Energy, God himself.

The question arises, so what if we understand Divine Energy and its attributes. The matchless advantage is that if we tune into that energy, we will have best of attributes, wonderful confidence, sereneness and happiness, which will give us best of wordily satisfaction and the end will be without suffering which, otherwise, everyone has to undergo and is mortally afraid of it. I have a personal experience of the effect of tuning into this Divine Energy and can explain the same to any one who is really interested in knowing the same. It surely requires spiritual orientation and faith to be able to understand it well and benefit from it.