Neighbourhood Ladies Get-Together for better Dwarka

NHLGT organized a meeting at Pragyajyotispur CGHS Plot 7 Sector 10 to discuss about the problems facing in sector 10, Dwarka. Along with the ladies senior citizens also took part in the discussion, one of the senior person requested for a two day a week vegetable and fruit market in a designated area given by the MCD so that they do not move from one street to another as the police drive them away due to security reason. The ladies also raised a point on the vacant plots infront of the YMCA and another in front of a school which has become a breeding places for all kinds of waste and garbage.,these places stink and become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies and reptiles. In the evenings with no street lights these areas are used by all sorts of anti social and unwanted elements who keep passing filthy remarks on the passer by’s.

They also raised in problems of insufficient post office as there is only one post office in sector 6 for the whole of the subcity. They wanted to have more post offices and post boxes in every mall of each sector. The worst sufferers are women and senior citizen who come to the post office to draw their interest or deposit their savings as they have to bear the unending stressful wait and moreover there is also no proper parking place in sector 6 &10 and the cars are often taken away by the tow van .

Another issue was for a playground for children in every sector as it is essential for the growth of the children .

Mrs.Cicily Kodiyan the Chief Convenor and Mrs. RajiKurup Deputy Convener of NHLGT told that Dwarka is a well planned city with wide roads and plenty of parks. The government has also provided a number of offices like Horticulture, Electricity, Civil, MCD etc. If the people in theses offices do not work properly, we should remind them and make them to do the work for which we have to be like watch Dogs. We can make Dwarka a wonderful sub city should awaken the residents for community responsibility and social solidarity, and if we all join together we can make Dwarka a Paradise.

Mrs. Kodiyan requested them to organize a competition among children on Keeping Clean and Beautiful Dwarka . We should inculcate the habit and sense of cleanliness and beauty from the early age onwards. Mrs. Kodiyan also stated that in Pondicherry the government have given the poor farmers a permanent place to come and sell their wares and in return take small rents from them , so the middle person is not there to harass the poor farmer . We have a similar one at Dilli Haat , and we look forward to having a similar one in Dwarka too.

Mrs.Chakravarty, Dr.Mrs Kalita, Mrs.Meera Garg and Mrs. Anupama Bhatnagar came forward and thanked everyone who attended the meeting and offered their service towards the betterment of Dwarka.