Lead India Leader in YOU?

Congrates to Mr R K Misra being elected as LEAD INDIA.
Who is a leader? In each one of you the ability to lead always there.
How you execute is important.
So please use this priceless talent for better future.
My comments on leadindia, i wud say such leaders to be identified in
all districts.
Appreciate your view/comments.
I do agree every one has talent to lead and it has to execute in a sence to deliver for mass of people.When we search a leader through a programme or through sms on tv in my view it can not be termed as Indian Leader.We do not have scarsity of leaders in India but few are Indian Leaders.One thing I can appreciate that through this process few people have voted who perhaps never ever had voted for democratic process.Hope it will be continued.I do not have the exact data but I do not believe that a substantial people have voted.Secondly,not more than 15-20 % Indian have facility to watch tv through setelite.
Media has tried to give a trade mark of politician and we also know the quality mentained even though having trade mark.Even if we consider this is a standard fixed by few educated people then should any one presume that leaders will also be sold as goods through advertisement?TV is doing their business but what we are doing?
Belive me unless we make massive changes in our society we can not find a genuine leader and if not then we have enogh leaders to lead India and no need to search further.
Dear Fellow Indians and Specially Dwarkites…
Our So Special Congratulations to RK Misra and all then to all Finalists of Lead India…..
It is great effort on part of TOI, Idea and associates in this mission Lead India…… LED INDIA could ignite our mind to look for leaders with in us and around us. WE need several RK Misras to carry out the mission of Public-Private partnership (PPP) and development through OUR SELVES and SELF HELP GROUPS in the country. Misra could build 20 km long FOUR LANE road with PPP despite the government and at cost lesser that normal cost, with whole hearted participation by the people who needed the facility and contributed to financial requirement and social oversight to implementation of said road project.
Here we are awaiting the Government (read DDA/MCD) for water. and are dependent on poor quality water being supplied (I don not know how many times we test it and whether it is really potable!!!!!). Whereas we can have our own 24X7 (24 Hours all the 7 days of the week) potable water supply if we believe in true spirit of PPP.
Similarly we can have multi level modern semi automatic/automatic parking lot in market complex (can be mad viable with combining it with development of commercial space) and allow the roads to be used as ROADS for moving vehicles and not stagnant 2 lanes of cars/Motorcycles (read parking). Let’s act before all vacant lands are filled with Multi-storey buildings (without parking) and before it is too late and before all wide roads of Dwarka are filled with standing vehicles. We certainly need markets and we do need to get there on our own vehicles as I am sure Government is busy in its other priorities and it will not be prudent for it to provide us a dependable and reliable public transport in decades to to come. If there is dependable and reliable public transport, most of us will use it
The airport/Dwaraka traffic circle is yet another nuisance of the bad planning (or no planning) of the authorities (8 lane NH 8 is functional and they could not imagine the situation and bottleneck has now shifted to the airport circle). Why can’t we have a comprehensive transport plan and have piece meal approach to development. If we take a pledge that we will invest as much time and resources (read burning fuel and being held up in traffic while idling) in finding solution for this burning infrastructure issue, as we are cumulatively wasting at this single traffic bottleneck in our daily movement, I am sure we will end up with good solution for most of it sooner than later.
Transport planners are deep asleep. I am not sure (but hope the leaned transport planners would certain about it), whether providing a simple temporary solution of red light in place of round around could provide a good short term breather and will allow time to plan and execute a better solution of under pass to avoid Cris-Cross at this important “GATEWAY TO CAPITAL OF INDIA” as Millions of air passengers, apart from our own fellow Dwarkites use this junction.
I am sure our Great Leader RK Misra would have crossed through this bottleneck while coming to Delhi for recording of the final Lead India episode and going back to Bangalore. So are our national leaders, who are facing this trouble every day while they fly to their respective constituencies and go to meet the people of India in their political and executive capacities.
WE should do all of this before it is very late. I know what would be the response on this email form the enlightened (read government dependent citizens of Dwarka), but I am taking this risk of the idea being trashed…….. I know that there will be emails pouring in saying the authorities have promised to do miracles, SE of DDA has promised something, EE of MCD has promised something else, but the taps will remain dry for next several years and we will continue to be strangulated in fumes at the traffic bottlenecks. If we could not get potable water supply for last 10 years of existence of Dwarka, forget it……. we will not get it for next 20 years, I can bet…….
The growth is result of hard work and devotion of the white and blue collared workforce, Indian’s unstinted interest in learning and most importantly-our family fabric which feeds us in our formative years (sometimes even upto age 30 years), prepares us, works as a strong support system for our growth-the sacrifices made by the parents for ensuring the prosperity of next generation. WE have miles to go. The whole world is looking at India to lead the path of real and balanced growth. India is growing @ 8-9% p.a, despite of POOR Infrastructure. We can not possibly predict the growth potential if we unshackle the Infrastructure alone from the clutches of the sleeping elephant -the Government- and bring it to PPP domain where “first P” means “People” and “2nd P” means “Private” and “third P” leads to “Partnership”. Government should Govern, Facilitate and Regulate (GFR).

Growth does bring pollution, but pollution also has solution. Science, Technology and proper Management are capable to abate/treat/mitigate pollution, if WE have the will power, we can address this menace. Let’s not blame the development and growth being witnessed by India (and I am sure will continue to be witnessed during the decades and decades to come). Let’s be prepared to not only accommodate the growth and prosperity, India is experiencing, but also WELCOME IT. Believe me it is welcome to grow and prosper
Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services