The pattern of disease is going to change as usually from Dengue to other respiratory problem. Patient have to be cautious about common cold, viral and breathing troubles, dust problems, bronchitis, pneumonia. Currently when difference between day and night temperatures is very high one should avoid exposure to extreme of temperature and sudden change of temperature. Other things to be taken care are crowded places, dust and pollution. In case of difficulty in breathing one must report to the Doctor. Infective illnesses like typhoid will continue. 

In non infective illnesses one has to take care of heart problems and do not ignore chest pain. In case of diabetes one should get his blood sugar checked. The requirement of medicine may change depending upon the physical activity and exposure to cold. At the same time eating large variety of nuts like cashew, badam, pista etc. which all are very high calorie stuff is going to affect blood sugar.

Winter also increases number of accidents because of early darkness and fog conditions which make visibility a problem. While travelling one should wear white or reflective clothes and your vehicle should have good reflectors. Keep the speed in control. Drink plenty of water, as in winter generally we drink less water because of frequency of urination. Keep on taking little more fluids when the temperature are very low and exercises are definitely going to help. 


(Author is the Medical Director of leading Hospitals in Janakpuri & Dwarka)