M K Gupta
This is the time of admission to nursery classes again.  We often read about the tactics being adopted by the public schools to extract illegal money from the parents on one pretext or the other.  If the parents feel harassed at the hands of these schools, they can share their experience on the blog. This will be further shared with/ forwarded to Shri Ashok Agrawal, Advocate and head of Social Jurist organization who is fighting for the right to education for the children.  
The specific area of harassment may include forced sale of prospectus along with admission form, denial of admission in free-ship quota for poor and demand of donation which can be termed as bribe for securing admission. For maintaining confidentiality, such complaints can be mailed directly to  email id for avoiding further harassment by the schools. If desired, the names of the complainants will not be made pubic.  Please try to give maximum details in complaint.

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