FASHION SHOW – A CULTURAL EXTRAVAGANZA held at The Indian Heights School

India is our pride. We are proud to be Indians. One nation, myriad languages, cuisines, attires, dance forms, numerous modes of apparel and countless mannerisms. It all comes together beautifully under one distinct identity-India.

India is a picture of diversity and to showcase this diversity, the students of class IV participated in The Indian Ethnic Fashion Show which was held at The Indian Heights School in November 2013. This fashion show displayed a diversity of culture and color of the Indian ethnicity. This Fashion Show was a festival themed affair showcasing the beautiful & colorful costumes and the mouthwatering cuisines of the various ethnicities of the Indian community such as the Tamils, Punjabis, Kashmiris, Bengalis etc. With warm colors, bright shades and vivid combinations, the show gathered the young students on to one platform and presented new and creative ways to showcase these beautiful ethnic designs & cuisines. Such activities help the students to imbibe good ethical values.

Overall, the show taught the children about the various cultures from North to South & East to West and they all stood together representing one big nation – India. The show was a grand success and all the students enjoyed it a lot.