Good wishes message for 2nd Academic Excellence Award

Mythili Attavar
General Secretary (S.U.N.A.INA)
(Society for Upliftment of National Arts of India)

It is indeed a great effort on the part of Dwarka Parichay – our very own web-based newspaper to organize for the second year in a row, the DWARKA TOPPERS’ AWARD 2014. There can be no greater encouragement for a child than to be called on stage in front of hundreds of distinguished and eminent citizens of Society and be conferred with an Award, in recognition of the hard work that he or she has put in. While the results in themselves would give the students immense satisfaction, being recognized in public as outstanding would do wonders for their morale, confidence and self-esteem, prompting them to even greater achievements in the years ahead.

No words of appreciation are sufficient for such an altruistic move on the part of Dwarka Parichay, having taken cognizance of the fact that the children of today are responsible citizens of tomorrow, shaping the country’s destiny and future. As a mother of two, I fully realize the importance of encouraging, motivating, and inspiring our children to greater heights. Parents (even of those who have not won awards) would be well advised to recognize the talents in their children and encourage them to do their best, even while nurturing and cultivating extracurricular activities in addition to academics for balanced development.

Dwarkaites ought to be proud of Dwarka Parichay. That Dwarka Parichay should organize such a function is testimony to their community spirit and social mindedness. On behalf of all the awardees and on behalf of all residents of our sub-city, I thank Dwarka Parichay for this wonderful gesture, and wish them all the best in all their endeavours.