A Good Samaritan hotline

A desperate Jaipur man watched while his wife and daughter lay dying on the road, but no one stopped to help. We can help make sure this never happens again.

Our government is working on a life-saving good samaritan hotline so any of us can call and get victims immediate medical help. But it’s moving at a snail’s pace. If thousands of us tell the Home Ministry to kick this into high gear right now, and make Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde feel personally responsible to make it happen, we could save thousands of lives.

When over 50,000 of us sign, we’ll deliver a massive red hotline telephone with all our names on it right to the Home Ministry’s doorstep, showing him that the whole country demands No More Jaipurs. Sign now and share with all of your friends and family:

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Every hour, all across India, 15 people die in road accidents — the highest anywhere in the world. This shameful statistic could be halved if qualified medical help could arrive faster at the scene of an accident.One of the problems in India is that there are many different helpline numbers to report to the police, fire, ambulance, crimes against women, children etc. And this medley of numbers changes from state to state.

Countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada and others have a nationwide common number that can be reached for any kind of emergency — fire, health or crime. Many now also have the capacity to geolocate the caller to get them help even faster. That’s exactly why the Home Ministry and the Telecom Authority have been moving to launch this, but they’re moving too slowly, and people are dying in the meantime.

In our massive, multi-state, multi-lingual and wonderfully diverse India we know that setting up such a one-stop emergency system will require a real effort by the government, and will need training and funding for multi-lingual telephone operators who can answer calls from across India’s billion strong population. But the payoff will be priceless — no more Jaipurs, and many more good samaritans using their mobiles to make calls and save lives.

After what happened in Jaipur, we need to give them a jolt and make this nationwide hotline a reality right away. Sign now and get all your friends and family behind it too:

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When a baby girl died in a hospital in Punjab, thousands of Avaaz members acted to demand better information about patients health care rights. Let’s come together now and fight for a strong nationwide emergency response system and ensure no family has to go through such trauma ever again.

With hope and determination,

Alaphia, Joseph, Patricia, Alice, Sam, Mais, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team