Onam Celebrated in Dwarka

Parumala of north, St. Gregorios Church Janakpuri witnessed a beautiful and spell bounding celebration of the festival of happiness , onam on 21st September in their Dwarka school ground.
It was organized by the altruistic members of youth league and was made a grand success by the active participation of all the members of the parish. The state Food minister of Kerala Shri. Diwakaran, kindly consented to be the chief guest for the occasion and the esteemed presence of the Delhi dioceses metropolitan H.G. Job Mar Philexinos who was a also a part of the function even with limitations of his ill health.
The venue was arranged in a way that created the ambience of the God’s Own Country in which the atthapoovu colorful patterns made on earth with seasonal flowers which was given the traditional touch with the presence of nirpara and the nella-vellaku. Its was made with efforts of the members of Martha Maria samajam (women organization) members who looked magnificent in their traditional set sarees and moolapoovu adorning their hair.
They whole program was a visual treat to watch , specially for those thirsty eyes of keralaites who are staying in northern India since long and miss the smell and love of their homeland.
Onam which is celebrated in the spring by the keralites to welcome their king Mahabali who was sent to hell by the vaman who offered his head as the place to keep vaman’s feet so that he can fulfill his words; was clearly and beautifully depicted by small children who were dressed beautifully and wooed the hearts of audience with their innocence and talent.
The program was packed with Kerala folk dances like naadoddi nirthyam, thiruvadirra, bharatnatayam by Sunday school students vellam kalli pattugal, skits and songs,by MGOCSM members,which was all crowned by the entry of the king Mahabali himself who gave message of love and peace to his subjects.
The event also had thrilling traditional games of vaddam valli (tug of war) and kaserra kalli (musical chair) in which the winners went home with hand full of gifts and others with joy filled hearts.
The whole program ended with a delicious feast of true keralaite meal called onam sadya, which truly filled everybody’s hunger but not their hearts. It was fun filled occasion which would ever remain close to the heart of the malayalees who feel like being in home by participating in events like this and can’t go home.