Assam: arrest the molesters

Days ago, a woman in Guwahati was stripped, molested and beaten by a gang of men in a busy city street. A big public fuss pushed the police to arrest 11 people so far, but one of the main perpetrators is still free. Let’s keep up the pressure on the police to act!

The men involved, plus the people filming rather than intervening, apparently thought they could get away with this. But, when the video circulated widely on the internet, the police were forced to act by arresting the culprits. But now, with the main thug still on the run, the police are citing bureaucratic reasons for not chasing him down across state borders. Only our sustained outcry will ensure that every last man from this molesting mob is brought to justice.

This is our chance to end the culture of impunity that is encouraging a wave of brazen attacks against women across India. If we raise our voices in massive numbers to Assam’s police chief today, we can get all the girl’s attackers tracked down and put behind bars and get a commitment for proper patrolling of all city streets. Sign the petition now and share widely: 

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Even as India’s wealth increases, a recent survey has found that it is still the worst place to be a woman amongst all the G20 nations. We can see violence and sexual harassment reaching epic proportions, yet in 2010 the National Commission for Women received just 460 complaints for “molestation”. It received more complaints, over 2000, for police apathy!

Public pressure has forced the police to make arrests in the Guwahati case. Now one of the key suspects has been traced in another part of the country but the police are dithering over procedure. Let’s not give them a chance to slip back into their usual apathy. Let’s force the police to use all their resources to find and arrest every last culprit from the molesting mob:

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Over 20,000 Avaaz members stood with the family of a poor labourer from Tamil Nadu who killed himself in Bahrain after his powerful employer stopped him from leaving the country. People power forced Nass Contracting to lift abusive travel bans on all remaining employees. Lets stand once again with the survivor of this heinous act in Guwahati and get justice.

With hope and determination,

Alex, Alaphia, Emily, Iain, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team