OUR DWARKA [colonies]-Need Our Sustainable Efforts.

Senior Fellow-ISS-New Delhi,
Ex Chief Engineer[civil]
New Delhi Municipal Council

5th June of every year is celebrated by UN, as World Environment Day.

This year, I had the pleasant experience of participating in a `FUNCTION` organized on this day, for improving the environment of our Neighbourhood Park, in Sector 22 of Dwarka. As, I had mentioned in my last article[trailing], this had been possible with the drive of the very enthusiastic members of Senior Citizens Association[Sukh Dukh Kay Sathi] of the Sector, ably supported by Dwarka Forum & the caring & helpful staff of DDA & MCD.

It was very heartening to observe that there was very enthusiastic response to the said initiative. As indicated in my last article, some of the persons who participated in the function came out with very good ideas too, to keep the Sector clean esp free of building garbage, dog shits etc etc & felt the urgent need of also [public] well maintained washrooms nearby, so that the users of the park did not use the corners/bushes for relieving themselves & thus polluting the well-maintained park. As there was no light arrangements in the park, late in the evening, users, felt insecure, due to total darkness.

Equally positive was the response of the staff of the DDA[Deputy Directors & others] who promised to look into the matter & informed about taking up the matter with their higher authorities!

It was established beyond doubt [though to my mind, it is a natural instinct of all human beings to keep its environment clean] that all were equally concerned about the existing state of affairs of some neglect of civic services[ though, there could a few constraints with the concerned authorities] & eagerly wanted to contribute their mite, in making the things, change for the better!

Absence of youth/ young residents of the sector, minimal attendance of the lady residents, was also noticed in the event, though the event was for the benefit of all the residents! Here, to my mind, young members of the community need to play a pro-active role,too It could be that that they might not have become aware of the `Morning Get-Together for a Cause`. But, it is never too late.

For sustainability, these type of Events/ Functions need to be organised on a regular/periodic basis & then decisions taken therein, need to be implemented within a given time frame.To do so, there is also need of proper monitoring, close rapport with the authorities & taking timely corrective steps to achieve the said objectives.

As about a fortnight has passed, since this last `Get-Together of Actions & some Promises`, it would be worthwhile for the organizers to take stock of what has been achieved/done from `THEN to NOW`.

Let the useful Exercise, be not a Ritual only!

Our Delhi/ colonies/ residents are much blessed by nature, in various positive ways?

This, I had realized more, when I was in Kabul[Afghanistan] about two years back, where I had to go, in connection with some work, related to Kabul Municipality.

[Why I am saying this-I will relate my experiences about Kabul in my next article, in case the readers desire, for which they may send their comments to Dwarka Parichay office.]

Incidentally,the office bearers of Sukh Dukh Kay Saathi` have offered[they informed me] to share their experiences/enthusiasm & as well offer a cup of tea etc, with any other RWA`s/ Morning Walkers Club Members of Dwarka/any other colony, who would like to visit this park in Sector 22.

So, Why not create SYNERGY for better neighbourhod?