“Our main aim is to clean and green Dwarka.” Ram Raju

On 8th January, 2012.The residents and DMSWSL (MCD) meet organized by ANHLGT. Resident (From Sector 22 and 23) and DMSWSL (MCD) were present at the meet at Green Towers. Mr. Ram Raju, Chief of DMSWSL (MCD) was present along with Ms. Manjeet Kaur Sodhi (Incharge-Awareness Programme)-Ramky Foundation and Mr. Narender Kumar (Supervisor).
MCD officials gave a demonstration and presentation to the people on ways to collect garbage in an efficient way to minimize accumulation of garbage on the roads, sidewalks and near garbage containers. The presentation was followed by an interactive discussion with the residents, who stated their problems and some possible solutions to this problem. Mr Shyam langar , President of Green Towers Society emphasized on the importance of keeping our societies and surroundings clean and suggested ways to improve the situation. 
On this occasion Mrs Cicily Kodiyan, President of ANHLGT thanked the DMSWSL(MCD) officials and the residents officials stated that the garbage situation is a matter of concern and immediate steps are
needed for keeping dwarka Clean ,and Safe.

Mr. Ram Raju, DMSWSL official proposed the solutions like Segregation of wet and dry garbage in different bags, provide two different garbage bins in different colours for collection of dry and wet garbage and Timing of garbage collection will be informed to the societies.

Speaking to Dwarka Parichay Mr. Raju informed that they started this project from Sector-22 and Sector-23 but soon they will provide such services in entire Dwarka. Actually, our main aim is to clean and green Dwarka.But we need public support also.

The residents of Dwarka may contact the following local officials directly, if they find any problems related to garbage disposal.

Mr.Pradeep kumar (Supervisor)-9311785634
Mr.Narender Kumar (Supervisor)-9311785649
Mr.Manish Bhardwaj (Supervisor)-9311785597
Mr.Pradeep Kumar (Zonal Head)-9311785518
Mr.Manjeet Kour (Ramky Foundation)-9891241604