Perfect 10/10 Workshop on Health and Hygiene at Bal Bhavan

“In our heart we believe healthy body contains healthy mind and healthy mind develops healthy society!!!”

With increasing awareness wrt Hygiene (Pradhan Mantri’s Swachh Bharat Abhiyan), Bal Bhavan International School, Dwarka has taken this initiative to create awareness on Health, Hygiene and Safety among it’s students. 

The school recently conducted “Perfect 10 / 10 Workshop” for the students of Class-KG, in the school premises in association with Life’s Health & Hygiene Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The workshop was a special initiative undertaken by the School Principal Mr Kunal Gupta and Vice Principal Ms.Jaspreet Kaur who strongly believe in virtues of inculcating healthy and hygienic practices so that they become a habit as child grows.

These workshops consisted of set of 10 modules namely: “Personal Hygiene, Importance of Hand Wash, Eye Care, Dental Care, Good Manners, Home Care, Table Manners, Healthy Eating, Sharing is Caring & Stay Safe.”

The objective of the workshop is to develop healthy and hygienic habits among children right from an early age. This assists in less number of children falling sick and hence reducing absenteeism at school. “Health during childhood sets the stage for adult health.”

Life’s Health & Hygiene Solutions Pvt Ltd (LHH) (the Indian Unit of Life Corporation Limited, New Zealand) has taken up the task of teaching the value of HEALTH, HYGIENE & SAFETY to the children from a very young age through specially designed curriculum.

Kudos to all the little angels who participated so actively that their enthusiasm made the workshop, a success!!!