Watch out…for your shoulder Mitali !!


The lead of Zee TV’s upcoming show Afsar Bitiya, Mitali Nag learnt that acting is not really easy…! During the promo shoot in Kolhapur, Mitali had to become the ‘Kolhu Ka Bail’ (she was to be the bullock on the plough so as to till the soil). Initially, Mitali was very kicked about doing it because it was one of its kind and was quite a daunting task for a girl. But it’s after the shoot, that Mitali realised that she was in terrible pain! The heavy plough had taken a toll on her slender shoulders and the girl had to undergo physiotherapy to get rid of the nagging and very hurtful pain.

But…that was not the end of her woes! She never imagined that her physical strength would be under test during the shoot…The second incident happened on the first day of the shoot in Wai. She had to run miles and miles with a heavy bag on her shoulder. The retakes of that shot drained her out physically that Mitali had to drink many bottles of glucose to revive her strength and stamina.

And there’s more that the actress had to endure….The third happened on the sets in Mumbai (Madh Island). She was giving her shot when suddenly, out of the blue a coconut fell on her shoulders leaving her squirming in pain! She just got lucky that she didn’t get any serious injuries.

When asked about the unfortunate incidents, Mitali said, “It’s scary that I’ve been just been getting hurt so often lately! My shoulder has totally gone for a toss! Thank God the coconut didn’t fall on my head and I was saved from being hospitalised.”

Well, we hope that all the pain that Mitali has undergone will bear fruit as she portrays the lead role of the new show on Zee TV, Afsar Bitiya!