Delhi High Court ask the Govt of NCT to file reply within two days on the PIL filed by DCBA

A Public Interest Litigation was heard today before the Bench of Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice And Hon’ble Justice Rajeev Sahai Endlaw in the High Court of Delhi which was filed by the Dwarka Court Bar Association through its Secretary Sh. Avnish Rana Advocate for issuance of mandamus (direction) to the Govt. directing the respondent / Govt. of NCT of Delhi for issuing a notification for bifurcation of the Metropolitan Area of Delhi into nine separate Metropolitan Areas and the consequent creation of nine separate Sessions Divisions for implementing the decision taken by the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in its Full Court meeting held on 26-04-2000 in view of the order passed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in the W.P. (C ) No. 741 of 1989 as directed by the Hon’ble Acting Chief Justice, Delhi High Court for the bifurcation of Delhi into nine Separate Sessions Divisions in view of the latest amendment in Section 8 of Cr. P. C. 2011.

The amendment in section 8 of Cr. P. C. has been done for the bifurcation of Delhi Sessions Divisions into nine Separate Sessions Divisions on 20-10-2011 by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. Now the implementation of the amendment is pending since last 7 months. The Hon’ble court today after hearing the counsels of the Bar Association issued notice to the respondent / Govt. of NCT of Delhi and asked that why the amendment has not been implemented till date.

Sh. Sakal Bhushan, P. S. Singh and Surender Kumar Advocates appearing on behalf of the Bar Association said that after implementation of the said amendment in Section 8 of Cr. P. C. Separate Sessions Divisions shall be created. Thereafter the Nine Revenue Districts /Civil Districts will be co-terminus to nine Separate Sessions Divisions. The implementation of the amendment will remove the confusion caused to the litigants of Delhi about the jurisdiction of Civil and Criminal cases to be filed in Delhi.

The purpose of the bifurcation of Courts was to set up Separate Sessions Divisions on the lines of 9 Revenue Districts which are co-terminus to 9 Civil Districts. The court has asked the respondent / NCT of Delhi to file reply by which date the govt. will implement the amendment and further listed the matter for 01-06-2012.
P S Singh,