Sri Venkateshwar International School continued with enriching programmes for students and staff during vacations

Summer Camp ‘Beat The Heat’ made the school bubbly to life even  during the hot summer vacations. The school buzzed with activities. The campers were divided into five groups, Pre – School to II (Jumpy, Steppy, Peppy, Snoopy) and the Senior Camper’s Group. At Sri VIS early in the morning you could spot toddlers splashing in the pool while their elder peers could be seen diving and wading across the pool. Skaters zoomed past and displayed body movements while the juniors learnt to walk on roller skates.
In Basketball game, children sharpened their skill in shooting, passing the ball and dribbling. In the foyer, one could hear ..’HOO HAA!!!’ as children learnt kicking and punching, a technique of self defence in their ‘Taek-won-do’ classes. Senior children with their nimble fingers made papermache, photoframe, art work having working clocks and also learnt charcoal painting, fabric painting among others. The Juniors were no less creative and enjoyed clay moulding, mask making and texture painting. The music rooms vibrated with the resonance of the strings and beats as young campers tried their hands at the drums, guitars and synthesizers. One could not stop tapping while approaching the dance rooms where the campers learnt aerobics, kathak, contemporary, hip hop etc.. One could not stop dancing when they approached the dance room, where seniors learnt aerobics and juniors danced on the ‘Gasoline Tune’. Our Gizmos – both Juniors and Seniors improved their skills. The Juniors learnt drawing and filling of colours in MS Paint and the seniors amazed us with their  designing on Adobe Flash, Moviemaker and Animation. Our juniors were given special Personality Development Classes to groom them. They were taught table manners, everyday etiquettes, voice modulation, oral recitation, self introduction and dramatization. All for kids – where kids come first an organization from Mumbai conducted classes in speech, drama and elocution for our children.
The activities gave an opportunity to all whether young campers or faculty. Even Principal Mrs Nita Arora Coordinators – Ms Shama ,  Ms Malini and staff could be seen learning drums, tabla, painting, computers and breaking into a jig here and then.

In House Workshops & Seminars

For Students:
·        Workshop on ‘Beat the Heat’ and ‘Nutrition and Health’-  These Orange Cross Foundation Initiatives were organized for the students wherein information on correct eating habits, proper dietary schedule and food consumed during summers were discussed . The nutrition team provided recommendations and suggestions on nutrition, customized for our students and cool games by Ms.Supriya helped in cooling the air.

For Teachers:
·        ‘Safety and First Aid’ Workshop was conducted by Dr. Hersha Vij (Retd. Major) of Orange Cross Group on 24th May’10. This workshop had the Principal, the Coordinators, 20 teaching and admin. staff members, 6 Maids and 4 transport staff personnel receiving valuable tips on minimizing the damage caused by accidents and illnesses.

·        Series Of Educomp Workshops for effective use of Smartboards and Educational Software was taken up by Ms.Mona Prehar  throughout the month of May 2010.

·        Identifying Children with special needs – Resource Person:- Dr. Anjali Nayar of  Orange Cross  on 26.05.10. She enlightened the teachers to recognize and appreciate individual differences and special needs of students and ways to deal with it.

·         Presentation and Interactive Session on Stress Management conducted by Dr.Sheryl of Columbia Asia on 29th May’ 10. Stress a condition, whether external or internal, which can disturb the normal physical and mental health of an individual. She apprised the teachers with simple exercises, effective methods and relaxation techniques to combat day to day stress.

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